Read this story carefully. I and Jodohot

Discussion in 'Billing Support' started by arihantjain, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. arihantjain

    arihantjain Guppy

    hello members,
    I will tell you a true story.
    I was a H-Sphere Reseller with jodohot since last 4 months. Everything was fine and good. :) There is a offer by Yash, Get 1 month free on valueHost and above plans.
    After signing up, I sended a mail to jodohost to avail the offer. They replied that after 4 months of payment, I can get one month free.
    Four months were over. I was thinking to change the host as I got a cheap one. But suddenly, I remembered that one free month is left. I will change the host after free month, thru this I will save 1 month cost.
    Jodohost charged me $37 for the 5th month which must be my FREE MONTH.
    So, I mailed to the billing department and said to refund my $37 and credit me one free month.
    Below is what I wrote:
    I didnt recieved a reply from them, so, I talked with Mahendra and he phone me and said that I should send a mail to billing again and say to them to credit me one month.
    Now, Below is what I recieved from them.

    Yes, I saw my Billing Statement.. I saw that I was credited one month.
    But there was nothing written about the refund.
    So, I had a live chat with billing department again.
    Below is what we had the chat. READ IT PROPERLY.
    So, I filled the form and I recieved a reply from them.
    Now i REPILED THEM, READ below again properly.
    I checked my account, I was not able to log in.. My total account was cancelled including my free month......... :(
    I again had a live chat with billing department.

    I forced them to give my backup. The devloper made my site using php and mysql. I recieved the backup of the php files. not my mysql. which is really important.......

    Now, they terminate the live chat whenevr I try to talk to them.
    I lost my clients as well as my valuable sites....loss of more than $500...
    I dont care with my money. My business is lost!

    This can happen with anyone. BEWARE!!!
    :( X( ;(
  2. arihantjain

    arihantjain Guppy

    HELP ME!!! ;( ;( :( :( ........ i AM IN LOSSS!
  3. Gurmeet

    Gurmeet Guest

    Please read the Cancellation Form Statement carefully. It is clearly stated that, when you fill-in cancellation form, your account will be deleted. We have deleted your account exactly as stated. Billing Department makes refund after account gets deleted.
  4. arihantjain

    arihantjain Guppy

    I was asked to do that! I said many times that "DONT CANCEL MY FREE MONTH" .. no one told me that after filling the cancellation form whole account will be deleted.

    Please read my above post carefully. I contains every information
  5. Gurmeet

    Gurmeet Guest

    Please read our Terms of Service,


    All Service Accounts must be cancelled by filling out the cancellation form at"


    ..."If you are a Reseller, before submitting this Cancellation Form, please delete all account in your Reseller Admin CP including Admin Account. This is important before we can accept this Cancellation Form...."

    From above, it is clear that after Cancellation process is complete, we will not have any Reseller/Customer data on our servers.

    In you email you had replied "YES, Please do cancel it. But please dont cancel my free month and refund me $37 which was charged by mistake for the free month."

    We have already refunded your payment.

    We do not understand where are we wrong here. We have correctly followed our account Cancellation procedure.
  6. arihantjain

    arihantjain Guppy

    First of all, Why are have you written the TOS indirectly? Why you have not written directly that the reseller account willl be deleted completly.

    You read the word, "Cancel" , "Refund" only.. in the whole email and you deleted the account. You didnt read "PLEASE DONT CANCEL MY FREE MONTH" ??? Is there any joke going on?

  7. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member


    Once the cancel form is filled the cancelation is in place, we will not continue to "hold" the account in place, this can not work from a billing perspective and would cause many errors and problems. We state clearly that once the form is filled all accounts should be removed.
  8. arkhost

    arkhost Perch


    According to what I read, they already credited your account for a free month. Secondly, why in the world would you want to leave JodoHost anyway??? They are a great hosting company, and have great support.

    -- W.G.
  9. timruns

    timruns Perch

    Are you looking for sympathy from other clients? Is that why you put this in the forum?

    Obviously, the person you chatted with and the person who handled the cancellation did not compare notes. Maybe this is a good example why chat is not the greatest -- a ticket with that documentation may have been better as it would have been documented.

    I agree with you that it would have been nice to say, 'Cancel my account on Month, Day, year' and to have it happen then. Since I have not cancelled my Jodohost service (which entails much more than $500 in business) I do not know if there is an effective date on the cancellation form.

    So, could Jodo have communicated better with you? yes. But, such is life. At the same time you should always be wary when you fill out a form to cancel that it will likely be immediate. No one is going to be looking every day to see if it is time to close your account. that is your job.

    I like jodohost. Are they perfect? No way. But they work hard and provide a great product.

    thanks Jodo!
  10. troll

    troll Guppy

  11. troll

    troll Guppy

    Without reading the email it's hard to know where you stand. Were there terms and conditions attached?

    If I receive an email and it says 'Win, 1 million dollars!' that doesn't mean that I will automatically be legally entitled to win 1 million dollars when I open the email. There are terms and conditions attached. I'm guessing that one of the terms and conditions of availing of the offer was to notify jodohost (at least) 1 month in advance before you wanted to cancel the offer.

    Did their reply email contain terms and conditions?
  12. cnisvcs

    cnisvcs Perch

    If I understand this situation right, this all started from your desire to get the 5th month for free. Was it it worth to put up a fight to get a $37.00 worth of services? Was this all worth it?

    Dude, I can't extend my sympathies to you. You caused your own clients to loose their website only because you wanted to save yourself 37 bucks ??? What, a hell, is more important to you? Your clients or $37.00?

    I am not saying that everything was handled perfectly. I just can't understand how someone can fight that hard for so little. And it's not like Jodo denied the claim. They already credited the account. It was enough to wait to the next billing cycle to see that the credit card would not be charged, but you wanted your money back right now.

    At this point, being in your shoes, I would politely apologize for the miscommunication on my part and kindly requested the restoration of my accounts in efforts to minimize the damage to my clients. Posting complaints and flammatory notes will not get you far.
  13. Gurmeet

    Gurmeet Guest

    In Whole Story, he forgot to mention:

    Also, we tried to find backup of his account, but is failed to give us any server details of his end user. Without which it was not possible for us to provide him any backup.
  14. antic

    antic Perch

    Interesting situation. Two things occur to me:

    1. arihantjain requested a cancellation of his reseller account *before* backing up client's data, making sure they all work with his new provider, etc. He relies on the word of a support guy (no offence;)) that his account will remain active for a month after a standard cancellation notice. Even if that were enough time to make the move; even if the communication was perfect - "stuff happens". This is the computer biz - always expect the worst to happen. When walking, make sure your front foot is down *before* lifting the other one.

    2. I once cancelled a reseller account at another HSphere host. One of the conditions of cancellation was that I manually delete ALL my client accounts AND plans, including even my Admin account, BEFORE they would proceed with cancellation of my reseller account. I think that's a great policy; I'd suggest Jodo adopt that process to avoid this sort of situation in future.

    dat's my 2c

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