Trying to write a sign up form...

Discussion in 'H-Sphere Reseller Hosting' started by Dave96, Apr 22, 2005.

  1. Dave96

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    Trying to write a sign up form... Little help needed


    Just started writing a sign up form. The first page will allow the user to choose between transfering domain, registering a new one or stopgap domain.

    On the customization page at psoft, there are 3 field names.

    type_domain - this is what i set up as my 3 checkboxes each with the appropriate value.

    _mod - i'm not sure about this one. is it a hidden field that includes the 3 choices regarding domains?

    domain_name - this one is obvious, it is the actual domain to be transfered or registered but it still got me confused. For transfering i'm ok it's just a plain textbox but for regstering a new domain, should I add a TLD rolldown menu with domain_name as its name??
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    Re: Trying to write a sign up form... Little help needed

    Dave96, If you are writing a script to interface directly into the database with PHP, good luck. I tried this a few times, got many errors and abandoned the cause.

    The _mod field tells HSphere whether you are doing anything with a domain. If your signing up a user for Hosting Without a Domain, this field is "empty" and the other fields below are not nessesary. If you are doing anything with a domain, i.e. domain transfer, registering domain, etc., this field would need the appropriate value.

    This field just tells HSphere what type of domain signup your doing. Check the documentations for the different values.

    Domain name is set whenever you have the _mod field set to anything other than "empty". As for how you create and populate this field, that is up to you. My suggestion would be to request the domain name from the customer, check if it is available, then populate the field.

    I hope that helps you. For more info, take a closer look at the HSphere docs at,
  3. Dave96

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    I'm not skilled enough for interfacing with the DB, I'm simply writing a form that would submit all the information to h-sphere, to avoid the built-in signup.

    My 3 choices about domain is:
    Register domain - The radio button is just there to make it look nice. I specify that if this box is checked, you will be able to register a domain through your control panel for X$. I just set the type_domain to "empty" and therefore don't need a _mod value

    The second is transfer domain using DNS setting only (since I will be using jodohost's registrar) so the type_domain is "transfer_new_misc_domain" and the _mod value is "signup"

    My thrid choice is without domain which is basically the exact same as the register domain choice. Except that i specify that a stopgap domain could be created. (i might change the option so that the stopgap or maybe is automatically created).

    The form consists of 3 pages each being validated seperatly where the last one send all the info to

    As for verifying if a domain name is registered I simply specify to check availabbility at the bottom of the page (where i included a very simple whois that says "availble" or "registered" using this php function !checkdnsrr

    It's a very basic script as where if the login name used is already in the DB it would redirect to the built in h-sphere signup.
  4. Dave96

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    Has anyone tried creating a form to signup for a third level domain ([email protected])?? I followed the customization guide but it is missing some value for the third level domain.
  5. Greggers

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    I've been looking at the PSoft site around customised signup forms since seeing your posting.

    Although I can't help with your problems, can you explain to me how you would configure hsphere to use your customised signup forms rather than the defaults, according to the psoft site this has to be configured at a root level - i can't find anything to configure through the admin panel. We would like to use customised forms also.

  6. Dave96

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    Hey Greggers,

    You don't really have to set anything up in for your sign up script to work. It'll simply work. I wrote mine in php and you get a choice of using e $_POST or $_GET method along with some session variables. I opted for $_GET to send all the information to H-Sphere.

    It's working like a charm and everything validates except for the username (if it already exists in the DB). I'm not sure if it would be possible to query the H-SPhere for an enterered userame to valiate before sending. If it is possible than I have no idea how to do that (I'm not good at php with databases).
  7. Greggers

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    Sorry - must be being a dumb blonde here (apologies to any dumb blondes out there :] ) - where do you put the pages once you have created them??
  8. Dave96

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    No where special, you simply host them... :p

    I'm still looking for the subdomain variables and they are no where to be found (I really need this as I'd like customers who sign up for email hosting to use if they wish).

    I'll send you a link to the sign up form as soon as JH fixes my DNS issue on my reseller CP.
  9. Greggers

    Greggers Perch


    That would be great. Thanks for your help

  10. Dave96

    Dave96 Perch

    No problem Greggers,

    The script doesn't do the actual signup, it simply transfers the info collected to H-Sphere which does the rest.

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