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Discussion in 'Sell Business Offers' started by Greggers, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. Greggers Perch

    Self Sufficient Host For Sale

    I (we) have been running a reseller plan from JH since October 2004. The original reason for doing so was a need for additional resources over and above the standard shared plans.

    5 years on and the 'we' part of the business, by other partner has decided to step down due to other commitments, and due to other business commitments I have I can't spare the time to do it on my own, therefore I am going to have to sell it on.

    I will make no illusions about this. The domain has received the following (organic) traffic over the last 3 months:

    September: 5185 visitors (had a huge spike mid month)
    October: 1591 visitors
    November: 1715 (To the 26/11)

    What doesn't seem to be happening is converting these to paid members, as I have previously said the site is self sufficient. We have just over $400 sat in PayPal and pay for ValueHost and Anon Support on a monthly basis - you do the maths :)

    This hosting needs someone with the time and energy to start converting that traffic into paying customers - not an impossible scenario, but something I don't have the time for. Most of the links come from Hosting review sites where our details have been posted (not by us!) The .com has a Google Page Rank of 4

    Anyhow, what do you get:
    Domain Names: .com .net .co.uk etc etc. There are a number of them, all we be transferred
    Website: All set up with content, forums, signup pages etc
    Existing customers: the ones that keep things ticking over

    What you don't get:
    PayPal funds (unless you want to buy them)

    What else is not included:
    Domain transfer costs

    If you are in the UK then I am happy to discuss on the phone, or via Skype elsewhere.

    Thanks for listening - PM me for Domain
  2. Greggers Perch

    This is still available if anyone is interested.
  3. OJM Guppy

    How much are you looking for, and could you PM me the domain please? Thanks!
  4. Greggers Perch


    Open to offers on it. I'll send you a PM.

  5. Greggers Perch

    Still available if anyone is interested?
  6. Is this still available?

    If so please PM
  7. Greggers Perch

    It is - PM sent...
  8. Wolverine Guppy

    If this is available still, PM me.

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