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    Need answer for Trouble Ticket

    I haven't been to the main site since I signed up. Maybe you should think of adding it and a support number in the client support area. Anyway, I gave my client a month of free hosting to compensate him so all's good now.
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    Need answer for Trouble Ticket

    And it still took twelve hours to figure that out? I did not change any password and i'm pretty sure the client doesn't even know how. I was at the support site ( looking for live chat and couldn't find a link to it or a number to call nor anything...
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    Need answer for Trouble Ticket

    You still have not answered my two questions. 1. How can you advertise 24/7 support? 2. Why should a stay with JodoHost? It was pretty obvious that the ticket wasn't answered until 9:00 am Monday, India time, so that tells me you do not have real support on the weekends hence no real 24/7...
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    Need answer for Trouble Ticket

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    Need answer for Trouble Ticket

    I got news for you! Sending an automated response the first time a ticket is opened IS NOT 24/7 support. Having techs who work weekends and nights the same as those who work during the weekday is 24/7 support. So how can you advertise 24/7 support? I still want to know why I should stay!
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    Need answer for Trouble Ticket

    My Anxiety level is high and my customer is super pissed and wants to know why I would be with a company the says it has 24/7 support and doesn't and I now have to ask myself the same question. You do not monitor your tickets or the forum and do not keep people informed, so you tell me why I...
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    Need answer for Trouble Ticket

    Is everyone gone for the weekend? This non-communication is ridiculous! it's been almost 12 hours since I last heard from anyone! This is unacceptable! I submitted another ticket asking about the first ticket and that one has gone unanswered also! Come on I need Help and shouldn't have to beg...
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    Need answer for Trouble Ticket

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    Need answer for Trouble Ticket

    I have a mail server down and put in a ticket: # 777877 I sent a response at 9:00 AM after they said it was fixed and it wasn't and I have not heard back and I was wondering if someone is working on it. Until it's fixed my customers site is effectively down. Please answer ASAP! Thanks
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    10 Sites with 403's since 4/26/17

    I also have been having 403 errors that keep reoccurring and now my sites are loading slooooooow after the upgrade!
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    API Problems?

    If anyone is having problems with the Domain Registration API you can get help HERE. LogicBoxes is the creator of the API and is willing tp help anyone using it. Just sign up at the support site and make a ticket. There is also a forum HERE with announcements and stuff
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    Sites are down with 503 error

    I sent in a ticket almost three hours ago asking for help! and my sites are still down with no a word from anyone anywhere! Ticket number 702779
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    win20 down

    win20 is down once again this is really getting to be a pain! :(
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    Reseller Disk Usage and Transfer

    As soon as you log into your reseller account on the left side shows the statistics The total space currently used is the last day amount. To see total amount for each account use the process Manish described.