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    Backup options

    we don't have such options now but will evaluate offering such.
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    Backup options

    Hello, Block up level backup is complete image of all and it can be restored to bring your VPS back to the exact same setup as it was when it was backed up and correct also they do not include backup in the plans. We can setup an iSCSI disk mount for a backup depending on space needs it can...
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    paying $175 for 1.5 GB disk space

    Hello, We have forwarded your issue to the concerned person and needful will be done within next few hours. Please feel free to contact us for any further assistance. With Regards, Mukesh Singh
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    Time to Set Up

    Hello, Your VPS creation is under process, once it completed we will update your VPS login details at your email id. With Regards, Mukesh Singh
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    Time to Set Up

    Hello, We have a process of verification and creation of VPS. And for that we ask for 24 hours to deliver your VPS details. Your VPS login details will be sent to you within next 24 hours after your request. With Regards, Mukesh Singh
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    VPS lite

    Hello, Thanks for contacting considering JodoHost. 1.Yes you can install Sql2008 Rs Express and run with some small databases, but we suggest you to go for Value VPS plan for better performance. 2.IIS, Sql2008 R2, .net framework 4.0 will be installed by default to your VPS 3.Yes, Website...