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    Coldfusion MX 7

    Hi, is now offering ColdFusion MX7 under helm control panel. Is there any update regarding Coldfusion MX7 upgrade? ColdFusion 8 is coming this mid of 2007. Let us know any good news that the team here is working on this. Thank you.
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    cross-site scripting attack

    Hi, I have a coldfusion page that inserts guestbook entry into my mySQL db. This past few weeks, I am receiving a lot of unwanted guestbook entries such as cialis, viagra links that fills my DB. I suspect that there is a malicious script that send form parameter to the page that inserts to...
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    Coldfusion MX 7

    Oi Vher! d2 pala hosting nyo hehe. Oo nga eh. They are still using old version of Coldfusion which is still 6. Scorpio MX8 is coming soon. They should upgrade this.