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  1. largerabbit

    File Upload using ASP.NET in Medium Trust

    I have several sites that all upload using the standard methods. What errors are you getting? I think you need support to make the upload directory writeable as well. Cheers, Paul.
  2. largerabbit

    No .NET pages working

    Don't forget to enable in web control panel as well!!
  3. largerabbit

    What is SQL Azure?

    I must chip in and say that Azure is a pretty awesome platform if you are a .net developer looking for a scaleable solution, but I don't it will replace you guys (jodo) in a hurry. Given the value/flexibility you offer I wouldn't worry :-)
  4. largerabbit

    Microsoft anti virus - now finalized

    Hey Stephen, I have to say I am pretty impressed with this so far. It is as you say one of the least annoying anti-virus/malware systems I have used. Definitely going to be using it on my pcs. Cheers for the heads up. Paul.
  5. largerabbit

    How to get to the website root in ASP.Net

    Hey, From your example assuming you have your web site root mapped to C:\Inetpub\vhosts\ and a folder MyFolder below it the Myfolder will always live at /MyFolder ie the root of the web site. ie http://localhost/MyFolder/Source.htm Within your code you can use...
  6. largerabbit

    Removing duplicates from a List

    Cool, could you use linq? Assuming .net 3.5 var dedupeList= fulllist.Distinct().ToList(); Filtering might be quicker as well. Cheers, paul.
  7. largerabbit


    Doesn't sound like a trust issue, but if you have a test rig, have a look at the post below. Subspace explains how to setup the same medium trust environment the Jodohost uses so you can properly test it out. Cheers, paul.
  8. largerabbit

    Googlebot slurping up bandwidth!

    Hi, Sometimes it is worth creating and submitting a sitemap to google, these can indicate the frequency of updates to individual pages/content. There is quite a lot of info in the Webmaster Tools section of google. Might be worth looking at if your bandwidth becomes a problem. Cheers...
  9. largerabbit

    SQL date range query help

    You need to use a query such as the one Skypanther suggest, but you might need to extend the query to catch all clashing bookings. For example, if you have a potential booking, it may 1) Start before an exisitng booking and end during an existing booking 2) Start during an existing...
  10. largerabbit

    Win12 permissions

    I mailed in with this problem a few days ago. I still have the same problem! Live seems to be overloaded as well. can some one fix it so I can upload please!
  11. largerabbit

    MS SQL Enterprise Manager.

    I use EM with the standard settings. Hope these don't sound like daft suggestions, In the SQL Client Network Utility, is TCP/IP enabled as an allowed protocol? Do you have a firewall stopping certain ports/applications at your end? Cheers.
  12. largerabbit

    ASP.NET sql sessions

    It depends entirely upon your requirements. InProc Session state in ASP.NET works using an internal memory based list object. Everytime something gets added to the state it gets added to the Session state of this list. Because it is memory based it is fully dependent on the lifetime of the...
  13. largerabbit

    ASP.NET sql sessions

    Hi Stephen, I found some instructions, but the install script seems to want to install a couple of stored procs in the master db. I know some other shared hosting offer ASP.NET sql server session usage. I wondered if you guys need to do anything before I can use it. Any help would be...
  14. largerabbit

    ASP.NET sql sessions

    Hi Guys, Does anyone here use the sqlserver mode for session state? Wondered if it is possible to use it in a shared hosting environment? Cheers.
  15. largerabbit

    Server Relocation - Wednesday 2AM - 4AM

    Hi Guys, Are the DNS servers ( working ok? I know the servers are coming back up, but I can't seem to ping my DNS. Are they coming up last or something? Cheers.
  16. largerabbit

    mysql error

    Thank you!
  17. largerabbit

    mysql error

    I am getting the same error with a PHP app. I think it is the db server?
  18. largerabbit

    Reseller Live Chat

    I have used it a couple of time when something urgent has cropped up. So far so good. Always resolved my problems quickly. The new chat system is alot better than the the last one as well.
  19. largerabbit


    Sorry :-) It was inspired by Atul in front of the skyscraper:-) For some reason I thought the picture on the Jodo home page had Atul in front of a skyscraper. I may have been imagining that! Here he is in the datacentre :-) Seriously though, I have some clients running very well here...
  20. largerabbit


    Hi there, Don't worry, Jodo are pretty cool. Sure they have the odd problem, but they are unusually honest about any problems and normally very quick to sort them out. Live help is a real help if you ever have any urgent problems. At last I can stop worrying about hosting and get on with...