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  1. KCWebMonkey

    vps plans

    I have a client that needs pci compliance so i'm going to have to move him off of my reseller hosting plan and up to a vps hosting plan in order to close off some of the ports that their security scan is flagging. which plan would you suggest? it's just a simple asp based shopping cart site...
  2. KCWebMonkey

    Client complaining about Connection Refused errors

    What about having them use OpenDNS? Could they possibly use that to better regulate their route through the internet?
  3. KCWebMonkey

    testing attachments

    vbulletin support suggests these troubleshooting steps:
  4. KCWebMonkey

    testing attachments

    seems like only image attachments are hosed...
  5. KCWebMonkey

    testing attachments

    testing attachments
  6. KCWebMonkey

    Insert Statement

    try testing it with this online SQL formatter
  7. KCWebMonkey

    How to force no cache for a web site on linux/unix servers at JH

    <meta Http-equiv="cache-control" Content="no-cache">
  8. KCWebMonkey

    Create folder outside of domain root

    you can create and access those folders via any FTP client.
  9. KCWebMonkey

    Please Review:

    very nice design, good layout. no suggestions other than maybe making it more clear to the user which fields are required for the "add a listing" form.
  10. KCWebMonkey

    Why I can change my own limitations!?

    I receive notices of changes in plans, if you don't you might want to check with them.
  11. KCWebMonkey

    Add Social Bookmarking Links to your pages

    what exactly is the service that provides?
  12. KCWebMonkey

    Spam from me to me

    maybe you two are known spammers ;)
  13. KCWebMonkey beta release

    If you would stop to read the previous posts you would notice that i said the domain expired and was picked up by one of those domain warehouse companies...
  14. KCWebMonkey

    I want out from vortech

    Re: JODO and Vortech comparison question used to be at vortech (left in 2002), went to gearhost after that (nothing but problems there) and finally landed here in 2003. In my experience JodoHost is hands-down the best reseller out there. Yes, you will most likely have a couple problems here and...
  15. KCWebMonkey

    Form Validation

    Any way you can provide more information? You really gave us very little to work from.
  16. KCWebMonkey beta release

    and... i just checked my settings, and it shows i don't have private messages disabled :)
  17. KCWebMonkey beta release

    the project disbanded, not sure what else to say :) There were originally about 10 people on-board but after time people started dropping off like flies. After a certain point it became obvious that forward momentum had stopped so we made the official decision to end it unfortunately. The...
  18. KCWebMonkey

    How to get details about customers CP/FTP logins?

    I too would like to be able to see this information, if for no other reason than to be sure there aren't any old FTP accounts still active.
  19. KCWebMonkey

    moving a domain

    what a small world, eh? :)
  20. KCWebMonkey

    cookie usage with FF

    well that's just crap :) any clue how often that happens? I wouldn't think that would be very often, and if it was, i'd ask to move to a different application pool.