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    OleDB errors since yesterday

    Could you post your error and the stack trace just for our benefit?
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    Uploading files without a component

    Not to disagree but I have an enterprise application running off an in-house script I built for uploading images, the only component it uses is ASPJpeg to optimise the images but the whole upload is done via a VBScript class library I built. The enterprise application is question uploads approx...
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    Uploading files without a component

    The download is corrupt...
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    Capabilities of PHP on value package

    Hi, I'm a ASP / ASP.Net Web Developer but I am interested in the capability PHP gives you so I've started learning PHP. I really want to continue using MSSQL Database with my scripts is this possible do u have the extensions installed with the value package that allows u to connect to MSSQL...
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    General Question about domain design

    Hi, I quite new to building websites and I'm trying to figure out some issues which I imagine are pretty simple. I just have a few questions if people could help me I would appreicate it. :] I have a domain called "" i access this using "", how do I stop...
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    Trial Period is up prematurely!

    No longer required. Sorry problem solved...