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    SMTP Down for mail10 and

    For over 5 hours all outgoing emails to domains outside Jodo have not been recieved by recipients. 2 Tickets have been issued, Ticket # 445474 and Ticket # 270916 So all clients have been sending their business emails and waiting for responses, but till now nothing went through. Worst is problem...
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    Internal emails between internal Jodo host domains not recieved

    For more than 6 hours now emails sent from our clients hosted on Jodo are not recieved. Problem occurs intermitently, usually every 10-14 days, and mail is delayed for 2-4 hours. Today for over 6 hours now we have not recieved emails in que. A ticket was issued #690165. We went on chat twice...
  3. T blocked by Hotmail,, ERS-RBL, Barracuda Networks

    Thanks Steven..ERS List is used for Maritime vessels, test emails went through
  4. T blocked by Hotmail,, ERS-RBL, Barracuda Networks

    Please assist with ERS-RBL list removal -----Original Message----- From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: 12 May, 2017 3:04 PM To: [email protected] Subject: failure notice Hi. This is the qmail-send program at I'm...
  5. T blocked by Hotmail,, ERS-RBL, Barracuda Networks

    Thanks Stephen, but it is not only, But it is also listed on ERS-RBL as per sample bounced message: Hi. This is the qmail-send program at I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses. This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it...
  6. T blocked by Hotmail,, ERS-RBL, Barracuda Networks

    Ticket #170169 Since May 1, I opened ticket and till now Jodo cannot offer 1 clean IP to be used with 11 days now and I am loosing my business clients. Please check tickets again and take some action.
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    Spamcop blocking daily (ticket FGX-20398-805)

    For the last 4 days spamcop has been blocking server due to spam, I issue a ticket, support resolve it, by changing IP or by Spamcop delisting it after 9 hours ..a few hours later problem happens again. Someone is sending spam daily causing the server to be blacklisted and is doing that daily...
  8. T Black listed is now listed on SpamCop + Sorbs + several other black lists. This problem has been going for over a week now and sometimes messages do not bounce back which causes lots of problems with clients. Please assist
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    Softaculous on HShere (Replacement of EasyApp)

    I was on HShere site and found they have had Softaculous intigrated since version 3.41. has very useful scriptd to install forums, blogs, CMS etc. Is JodoHost planning to add it in near future? If not, it says it can be installed there a way for me to do it? Thanks
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    Server Status Page down

    This is a link on under support tab , could be useful to have it up and running, or remove it from menu.
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    Plesk, features, migration and W2008

    We will keep on asking Stephen.:) . when will plesk reseller plans launch?
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    all websites are not accesibles

    I guess a geo distribution as an addon is a very important option specially for emails or i will loose my best clients or find them another provider. I am very interestyed in such an addon as cloud hosting is offered from many hosting companies and what is advertised on Jodo site would...
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    all websites are not accesibles

    Stefen, we appreciate all efforts done..but I have one question: Are we on cloud platform as advertised by Jodo or not? What is really meant by it if Jodo Host site itself went down
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    Having same problem with mail3, domain we cannot send any emails...outgoing port 587. All other setting are correct and have been working for years. It started working now...all messages in outbox went through
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    Custom Jobs

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    Custom Jobs

    I have a client requesting log file for access and changes done on CP by CP users on weekly intervals. Is it possible to do this, even if for a fee?
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    Mail5 Cl1 on SORBS Black List

    Dear Stephen I would really like to know if a request o remove was sent to SORBS to remove it from black list. Thank You
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    Mail5 Cl1 on SORBS Black List

    I agree some of these lists are useless..but SORBS is blocking emails of several clients...problem is that my clients do not always receive a bounce back error message..can you please make contact with SORBS as I am sure you have more clients effected but do not realize it yet.
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    Mail5 Cl1 on SORBS Black List

    Any news i can pass to clients? Mail5 is actually listed on 3 blacklists
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    Mail5 Cl1 on SORBS Black List

    Mail5 is listed on black list Clients are sending emails that are rejected or deleted by other servers due to this. ---------- Remote host said: 574 MAIL REFUSED - IP ( is in RBL black list -----------