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    Sites Down

    Can't reach sites on example I know this is not the ticket system, but it is where I am first.
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    simple instructions by client software?

    Are there pre-made instruction sheets anywhere that give all the details and options for setting up various mail clients for resellers to give to their customers (maybe with minor customization). I often feel like I am guessing or having to refer to previous setups and walk a new customer...
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    Thanks for great recovery and status updates

    Suspensions could require moderation, at least for resellers. Also, I would prefer that you charge a month in ADVANCE if you are not going to give at least a 30-day grace period for a thing like this. That way there is at least a built-in safety. A phone call or something would also not be...
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    Thanks for great recovery and status updates

    Fine, I didn't mean you changed it intentionally, I thought maybe something got lost inexplicably or something... but fine, not your fault that the card expired. But still a ridiculous reaction and policy on your end. I got one email on October 3, then today tits-up and clients calling me...
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    Thanks for great recovery and status updates

    I take it all back. You suspended my account today, because I think YOU screwed up my credit card info. All my clients are rightfully outraged and so am I.
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    Extra Disk Space

    I'm sorry... either you are wrong (and slightly arrogant and rude), or Jodo has not clearly represented its pricing and policy on this. Also, I am talking about disk storage space, not bandwidth (which is also expensive as an add on) as disk space is the topic of this thread. Look here...
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    Extra Disk Space

    YES. I have to agree with the original poster, from 2009. The price has not changed even since then. Jodo still lists: "Additional Disk Space $0.10/MB per Month" ...and that is if you purchase it intentionally as a block, not overage. That is outrageously huge, if all you want to do...
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    Cron Job's

    lol, thanks.... i was just coming back to say "nevermind, found it." :P Thanks stephen.
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    Cron Job's

    If you are going to bother posting a message that says "nevermind - found it" ... couldn't you at least mention WHERE you found it? Obviously it wasn't easy for you, so maybe the next guy could use a hand as well. Just a thought.
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    can't access phpMyAdmin on sql8 - resolved

    Yes. Thanks.
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    can't access phpMyAdmin on sql8 - resolved

    why can't I access phpMyAdmin on sql8? EDIT: sorry, meant "mysql8" of course. I tried the links from the control panel, and even tried browsing directly to the ip address to diagnose if it was DNS issues. ( ) all methods lead to the same error...
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    OpenSSL extension

    Yello, I am running into this error trying to run a php mail script (trying to do smtp mail with ssl). "Error: establishing SSL connections requires the OpenSSL extension enabled" Searching the forums, it appears the openssl extension should be available, and some people have enabled...
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    deleting my thread

    Not to be a stickler, but I don't find a main thread on this issue other than the announcement thread. No posts from anyone on this outage topic today? I saw one of Johnny's posts that was "moved" but when I click on it, it says I don't have permission to view the page (same with other...
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    deleting my thread

    ok byyyyeeeee. You were obviously "reporting" the same basic thing over and over when jodo was obviously aware of the systemic problem and they were fixing it. Just because there is a problem doesn't mean you have to throw a tantrum all over the forums. You were not providing new...
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    Thanks for great recovery and status updates

    Hey Jodo, Today's switch crash was a bummer, but many kudos on your recovery and especially for keeping everyone informed on the status. Everything on worked like a charm to keep me informed, and your regular posts on the status were very helpful in letting me keep my clients...
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    Wordpress not sending mail

    Hey all, I am a noob with Wordpress blogs, but have installed it for a couple clients here on their Windows accounts. Everything works great, except when a user visits the blog and tries to Register himself, Wordpress says it is sending an email with his new password. That never happens...
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    floods of bounce messages

    I am a reseller. My client is getting floods of MAILER-DAEMON@@ failure notices. Please help me stop them. Note… this is not just a question of why the email is bouncing… pretty obviously the result of RELENTLESS spoofing. These are not referencing messages that the client is actually...
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    VPN-like options for a reseller account?

    You should remind them that someone could just as easily hack their way into the system at the other end of a VPN connection and piggyback on the VPN. Yes, this is probably unrealistic, but always possible. Point is, if they want any connectivity with anything on the outside, they need to...
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    Convert Base64 text to document! (sticky?)

    ur a little sticky obsessed. :tongue: Thanks for an interesting link, though.
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    Recording of all DSPAM False-Positives. (Sticky this?)

    Here's one that's crazy and typical. About 4.9 of the score is because THE DATE IS CORRECT on the message. (5 of the “factors” flag the fact that the correct date is found in the message headers). One is because the message contains the name Kate (horrors!). One because it contains the...