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    Send from Email Address

    there's an outlook express v7? i'm using v6 and it still has the drop-down if you have more than one account set up...
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    htmlarea and Mozilla

    For some reason htmlarea will not work in Mozilla 1.6, though from what I read, it really should. I've tried this on a couple of machines now, but can't see what the problem is... any ideas anyone? (IE works just fine...) Thanks
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    Page Caching

    it could also be your isp - I believe AOL, for example, do this
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    Closing Threads

    Yash - if you don't mind me saying, I'm getting a little irritated with your new found policy of closing threads before people have a chance to sufficiently respond to threads.
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    mass mailing thread

    oh wow! never heard of a host limiting the total amount of emails before. that's seems a bit unnecessary. what exactly is this meant to acheive? If someone did want to spam, this doesn't exactly make it that much more difficult.
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    mass mailing thread

    at one time... yes, but surely we aren't being limited to sending 50 emails per day?
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    mass mailing thread

    I think you misunderstood Berg's question. Surely mass mailing wouldn't apply there. I wasn't aware there was a limit on how many emails you can send or receive per day, only how many you can send out at once. Right?
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    New Email Policy

    :D LOL - I was kind of expecting you to say I was incorrect, but I guess I wasn't. Sorry - I certainly don't want to help them - if there's one thing I can't stand - it's spam!!
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    New Email Policy

    LegalAlien's post was edited, we got the point of it, no need to give a spammer any ideas. But there are other means of blocking them, not just the from:, but that example should not setoff anything. Edit by Stephen (sorry if you feel this is inappropriate, but I didn't wan't to...
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    centering in asp for mozilla?

    <table align=center> doesn't work in Mozilla? First I knew. Using div is OK, but really shouldn't be necessary. <center> is definately out BTW, as are many of the old tags including <font> and <b> and <i>.
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    does not like recipient

    gotcha :D Thanks for the clarification Yash
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    does not like recipient

    Yash - you either believe me or do not believe me. I'm telling you what happened.:)
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    does not like recipient

    I get this too. but just sometimes. not limited to one domain.
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    Irritating adware problem

    That's not very nice ;) hmm - apparently I'm not as savy as you though 'enuf'. I would probably hazard a guess or two and fix it, but I'm not going to speculate and mess up your machine further. Maybe you should take devorem up on his offer?
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    Irritating adware problem

    not that i don't trust you, but please paste the contents of that output file?
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    Knowledge Base Question..

    Yet another quote for SubSpace's signature :D Congrats Stephen!
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    FrontPage Forms..

    The industry standard - Dreamweaver. It's more expensive but definately worth it. Apart from the functionality, the main reason I chose it is because it generates the cleanest coding I've ever seen from a editor. As someone who hard codes a lot, I really appreciate this.
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    FrontPage Forms..

    forget about it. Frontpage sucks. Real webmasters don't touch it :D
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    Emails stopped.

    Interesting - time to change some code I think
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    Cry for help with ASP

    Thanks SubSpace - that seemed to do the trick!