Continued Warnings 2 days after paid in full?


Please advise if there is an issue with the billing CP. I'm getting repeated messages stating,

"Please be aware that your hosting account xxxxxxxx has had an outstanding balance since Feb 28, 2016. As of Feb 29, 2016, your current outstanding balance is - $xxx.xx"

This account was paid in full 2 days ago; chat sessions are saying, "Sorry for the inconvenience caused. We are aware about this and it will be fixed as soon as possible. Kindly ask for your patience and co-operation." but no one is explicitly saying, "No, your account will not be suspended and yes, this is a problem with the billing system".

Please advise.
Doesn't look like your card actually charged then, but it should tonight or tomorrow. There's no real risk of suspend or anything right now.
I'm having a very similar issue with your billing system, and it's happened two months in a row now.

When I went to pay my VPS account for December, there was another invoice listed as unpaid on my account that wasn't there two days prior. It doesn't say what it is for. And I received a notice saying that the invoice is overdue on the same day I received it!

I paid my account on December 1st which is the due date. I've sent several emails to the billing department about this. Last month they took care of it and cleaned up my account so that I didn't see extra mysterious overdue invoices anymore, only to have it happen again.

Recently, I sent emails to the billing department about it, but so far they haven't fixed the situation. Right now there are two mystery invoices in my account, and depending on which page I'm looking at in my control panel, it says I either have an overdue balance of $75.90 or $37.90 (but in actual fact I'm not overdue at all)

What is going on with your billing system? It is extremely unfriendly and confusing!

I mean this to be constructive criticism: your billing system is abysmally bad. Honestly it's the worst, most confusing, least intuitive system I've ever used on the Internet.
I believe you are still on Hsphere billing? That isn't even used for new accounts, only very old ones. We use the new billing portal on for integrated support, and billing of all new services and plans and services. Only legacy plans still use Hsphere.
I believe you are still on Hsphere billing? That isn't even used for new accounts, only very old ones. We use the new billing portal on for integrated support, and billing of all new services and plans and services. Only legacy plans still use Hsphere.

Hey Stephen, no actually I am referring to the new billing portal.
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I'd like to be able to pay my VPS account for January this week, but my main concern is that I want to make sure that I'm actually paying the correct invoice. I want the payment I make to be applied to the genuine invoice for January's service, and not one of these other bogus non-descrip invoices. And to compound the issue, if I try to pay the invoice on the due date like I did previously, there will probably be more mysterious overdue invoices generated when I login to my control panel... uggggg!
Hey Stephen, no actually I am referring to the new billing portal.
Then that is 100% industry standard billing panel, a vast majority of hosts use this same panel.
The issue seems to be that you did an 'add funds' instead of a payment, which created an invoice for the amount of funds to add, which invoiced you for that amount (same as the invoice payment amount)

When paying the invoice you need to go to the pay invoice button, not add funds. Add funds is like putting a credit on file. For PayPal you would use PayPal checkout or Subscribe option for payment at the top right corner.

I'm not in the billing dept and don't do billing questions often, just what I noticed when looking.
In that case, it should be made more sane by not generating an unpaid invoice after adding funds (an "unpaid invoice" for added funds doesn't make any sense) and even if it does, that invoice shouldn't be considered "overdue" by the system. Also the fact that the system turns "funds added" into a "balance owed" is literally the definition of insane (That's exactly what happened: I paid $37.90 via Add Funds, and my control panel says I owe $37.90 -- not counting my upcoming January invoice). What's even more insane, is that I can actually pay the overdue invoice, which was generated in the first place by adding funds! I wonder if this is recursive?

So what this means is I went into my account and I see a message saying I have an unpaid balance. And when I click to pay, the first thing I see is the "Add Funds" box on the left hand side, so I click add funds, then have to remember the amount I owe and manually type it in, go to PayPal and make a payment, and upon doing so, the billing system generates an invoice in the same amount I just paid, and says it's unpaid. Furthermore, I get an email notice about the overdue invoice sent to me at the exact same moment, which says (my notes in bold):

This is a billing notice that your invoice no. 8562 [the invoice for the added funds, NOT my monthly invoice for VPS service] which was generated on 12/01/2016 is now overdue [overdue on the exact same day I paid it].

Please make arrangements to remit payment immediately. There is a risk of your hosting service gets disrupted, if 'Balance' field continues to indicate a negative balance. May we request you to write to [email protected] with your account id, in case there is any problem.

I'll have to remember to not click on "add funds" next time, and instead do as you suggest, click on the invoice itself and make payment that way. Just from a UI/UX standpoint though, anytime users have to make mental notes of how to do things correctly, despite the fact the interface itself seems to want you to do it the other way, is poorly designed.

The Add Funds should be fixed or taken out entirely. At least the generated invoice for adding funds should show the funds as a credit, rather than a balance as it presently does.
Hello, can you please remove Invoice #8562 from my billing account overview? It's not a real invoice. It's just a generated invoice from when I accidentally added funds using your badly designed user interface. It clutters up my billing area every time I go in to pay my actual VPS invoices.

I've already emailed billing support twice about this, but they haven't responded to my request at all during the last two months.
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Email [email protected] for this, forums aren't having billing agents that can fix/check/look into the matter. CC it to helpline AT as well and I'll ensure its responded in 24-36 hours at the latest.