Ongoing mail4 issue


For several years, mail4 has exhibited a regular problem: having invalid mail quotas for every mailbox. This results in various problems such as being unable to create new mailboxes, set mailbox quotas, and mail being bounced with "mailbox over quota" messages.

To be honest, mail4 is becoming an embarrassment, and if I could switch clients using it to another mail server, I would. This problem is not exhibited on other myhsphere mail servers, so why mail4 specifically?

I have asked help desk why this happens so often, but their response of "Sometime we have to restart some services on Mail4 only to make it work" isn't really helpful. Again, why only mail4?

Tickets for the identical problem in 2019 & 2018: 186754 199138, 424472 670060 576594 954579 773451 315492 240510
We have replied your ticket regarding this issue. If you want, we can switch your domain(s) to a different mail server. Please update the ticket for further assistance on this issue.