What happens when I sign up for WinVPS?


US Operations
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There is a tiered process to setting up WinVPS accounts, it happens like this.

1. Verification and Activation
2. Do you need Plesk Installed.
3. Hsphere will send an activation notice, this is NOT your WinVPS account, but instead a billing and external database services email.
4. Within 24 hours of knowing if you need plesk or not you will receive another email that will contain your VPS login details, and if desired/needed, Plesk details.
It depends on the node, we have recently changed from using Dual dual core or Quad cores on SCSI RAIDed to using dual cores with SATA Raided.

the new servers are 2.0 or 2.2ghz Dual cores with SATA2 Raid Edition drives in RAID1.
I have a domain on Jodo Domain Registration that I would like to associate with a domain I created via Plesk. I can set the nameservers in that domain. But I still don't know what to set these nameservers to.
On plesk you need to create name servers at your registrar, is that is us it will be called child name servers. If you need help doing this please send a ticket to support at jodovps.com and we will help. If you are using our domainsgofast service we will be able to help you make name servers child name servers as well.