$ 17.50 HSphere Reseller Hosting :: Windows, Linux and Virtual Private Server (VPS)

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    JodoHost offers the following HSphere Reseller Hosting packages that allow you to sell Windows, Linux and VPS hosting under one account!

    All packages include
    VPS, Linux and Windows Servers
    Unlimited Domains, Oracle (with setup fee), MS SQL,
    My SQL, PG SQL, Cold Fusion

    Visit http://www.jodohost.com/reseller.asp

    2.5 GB Disk Space
    40 GB Transfer/Month
    7 User Accounts
    $ 17.50 per month

    5 GB Disk Space
    80 GB Transfer/Month
    15 User Accounts
    $ 35.00 per month

    10 GB Disk Space
    160 GB Transfer/Month
    30 User Accounts
    $ 70.00 per month

    20 GB Disk Space
    320 GB Transfer/Month
    45 User Accounts
    $ 105.00 per month

    12 GB Disk Space
    240 GB Transfer/Month
    60 User Accounts
    $ 140.00 per month

    If you are looking for higher resources, we will make a customized plan for you. For further details, please visit http://www.jodohost.com/reseller.asp

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