5/18/2017 - SiteStudio End of Service

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    5/18/2017 - SiteStudio End of Service

    This is a notice that as of May 18th, 2017, SiteStudio services will be removed from service on all control panels. The program has been effectively ended for over 5 years, without any updates and prevents the servers from being upgraded to more current operating systems. This step is required in order to upgrade core services servers OS to supported and updated levels.

    Due to the age of the services, the SiteStudio services had already been reduced to bare minimums, and any sites using SiteStudio forms will no longer function, and site edits will not be available. After this date there will be several periods of maintenance on the control panels to upgrade their operating systems, these changes help with their speed and usability in addition to security.

    While not an online web editing solution, Google has a free web editor that is visual and powerful, as well as code editing options that may be used to create websites, ads, etc:

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