Addressing the new OpenSSL vulnerability and updates

Discussion in 'Network Outages and Updates' started by Stephen, Jun 5, 2014.

  1. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    There was a new OpenSSL vulnerability released today and updates for openssl issued. We are applying patches immediately on all shared/reseller servers, and will be done by morning for all servers. While this will address the immediate issues, we will further then be doing more updates on linux servers this weekend which will involve reboots and will be posted soon on a the cluster forums.

    We want all users to be secure and not have to worry about the latest security concerns and working hard to be sure the servers are not vulnerable. If you have a Linux VPS without a management plan you will need to update your OpenSSL installations. If you need help with this please submit a ticket to the helpdesk on or via the billing control panel.
  2. SachinK

    SachinK Perch

    It has limited to no impact on our servers, however we will still apply updates where available and applicable.
  3. tanmaya

    tanmaya APAC Operations Staff Member

    If you are using an SSL VPN hosted on your VPS here, or with any other VPN provider, or use any appliance, please do ask for your vendor/upstream if this has an impact.

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