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Discussion in 'H-Sphere Reseller Hosting' started by zonefx, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    Sorry but we won't be changing the view permissions, MS can make their software more shared friendly and we'll love it but until then, we can't do it.

    Or Hsphere could make the dbo user the official database owner and it would work, but they won't and want hsphere user to be the owner, it is something that can't be edited or hsphere will break, and MSSQL itself gives a conflict error if we try to change it manually(and then again hsphere would throw error if we changed it, but I have tried such workaround anyway)
  2. david3rd

    david3rd Perch


    Are there any other options? The EMS tool is simply not usable. Can a dedicated DB server, or even a VPS running SQL 2005 Express be used as a substitute?

    I do almost all the development for my hosting clients, so I don't really care if I can't use the DB setup in Hsphere. So maybe something like a dedicated or VPS would work? What would be the pros/cons of doing something like that?
  3. indian

    indian Perch

    Well, this seems to be a BIG HURDLE for the clients and they are already pointing out other hosts Supporting this.

    Jodo needs to do something on this

  4. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    Indian, many other hosts block access to mssql in total, and with the abuses I have bee seeing growing it is an attractive thing to do no doubt.

    There won't be any change on this regard.
  5. hafa

    hafa Perch

    As in no more MSSQL? I hope and pray that Jodohost does not take this drastic step, as that would spell disaster for us...
  6. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    NOOO not at all, external DB access only is what I am talking about, and we won't even take that step :)
  7. KrisSiegel

    KrisSiegel Perch

    I don't understand. Why can't seperate instances (1 per account) be setup? Then we can access all of the databases in the database view. This would also prevent any issues with someone crashing their instance bringing all databases down.

    That would seem like a much safer and secure route. Is this not possible with H-Sphere and whatever other software that manages SQL stuff?

    To be honest, I would prefer to have database access internal only in addition to 1 instance per Jodo account (which would break everyone's hopes and dreams in this thread). So the only way to connect to a database would be via an internal address within Jodo's network (i.e. a private class A, B or C address (10.*, 172.16.*-172.31.*, 192.168.*)). This is doable if you install Express onto your VPS but beyond that I'm not so sure. I've always had the idea that databases should not be exposed to the outside world directly and I believe it's a security requirement for certain types of businesses (by law).
  8. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member


    Separate instances would require insanely expensive plans as it uses so much RAM and license costs.
  9. KrisSiegel

    KrisSiegel Perch

    Hmm that makes sense. You'd think there was some sort of middle ground though.

    Anyway, as said before you can easily use SQL Management Studio as long as you specify the database name so I don't think this is a huge deal anyway.
  10. papaja

    papaja Guppy

    Another problem is that EMS does not support Unicode characters, so it is impossible to change some values from there...
  11. KrisSiegel

    KrisSiegel Perch

    Just use management studio then...
  12. papaja

    papaja Guppy

    You know, I'm visual guy and I do not want to guess table and column names, which I have to do if I do not see them in object explorer...
  13. KrisSiegel

    KrisSiegel Perch

    Why would you have to guess? They're not documented or at least scripted out?

    I can understand wanting a visual representation though. If you have Visual Studio you can setup a database connection and view everything correctly. The free versions of Visual Studio (Express) might work as well.
  14. zero

    zero Perch

    Please describe the process to "specify the database name".

    Also, when you say "use" are you referring to using the full functionality of SQL Management Studio (including the explorer) or are you just saying you can use it to execute SQL scripts? If it's the later, please don't bother explaining how to specify the DB name.

    I can execute scripts with a command line tool. The reason SQL Management Studio is such a good tool is because of the visual aid it gives us amateur DBA's. Without the visual aid, it's just as crap as EMS.
  15. hafa

    hafa Perch

    Go to connect > database engine. In the resulting dialogue box, click the "options" button. On the "Connection Properties" tab, enter the database name in the field adjacent to the text, "Connect to database".
  16. zero

    zero Perch

    That's what I was referring to, which will NOT show your diagrams, tables, etc. That is not an acceptable workaround for me, but thanks for the suggestion.

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