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    Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) has recently become the craze thanks, in no small part, to Google?s usage of it in Google Suggest as well as Google Maps. In ASP.Net terms, AJAX allows server-side processing to occur without requiring postback, thus enabling clients (browsers) with rich server-side capabilities. In other words it provides a framework for asynchronously dispatching and processing requests and responses from the server. AJAX leverages a number of existing technologies, which aren't particularly new, however fondness for what these technologies have to offer (collectively, they are AJAX) has recently soared.

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  2. coldskool

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    I definitely think ajax is cool, but I think its a bit silly to slap a name on a technique such as the industry has with ajax..
  3. jonyah

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    for my ajax sample, check out http://www.jonyah.com for a way to log in to the control panel using ajax. error msgs are displayed without reloading the page. I also picked up ajaxscripts.com the day the phrase was coined, just haven't done anything with it yet.
  4. KCWebMonkey

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    I use AJAX all the time... cleans my kitchen, the floor, even the bathtub! ;)
  5. coldskool

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    I prefer SOAP to clean my floors..
  6. dvduval

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    Are there any useful scripts available that use AJAX?
    Is it considered to be pretty difficult to learn and program in AJAX?
  7. jonyah

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    if you know javascript and xml then you already know how to do it. In fact, the xml is pretty loose (I usually don't use xml, but my own formats). You could actually do an entire site using ajax, but you lose the important back button feature (one reason flash sucks so much).
  8. KCWebMonkey

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    i dislike that feature as well... i'll bet there's a way to store the client's "history" and make a "back button" of sorts...

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