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Discussion in 'Billing Support' started by Inka, Feb 22, 2005.

  1. Inka

    Inka Perch


    I received 10% of credit due to the mail server crash

    However this has not been applied to my account. Could you please update this so I can pay my monthly fee?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Atul

    Atul Administrator Staff Member

    It was applied on Feb. 12. Login to your CP. Select Billing,then Billing Statements. See billing statement of 1/17/05-2/17/05 for following:

    2/12/05 12:06 AM CREDIT, PROMOTION #
    Mail Server SLA $3.50
  3. Inka

    Inka Perch


    Billing told me they are charging me because I create "two more" accounts than my freely allowed 15

    However, I have only created **one** additional account not two. I have not created the administrative account but it seems that you are considering it towards my limit of 15 account

  4. Atul

    Atul Administrator Staff Member

    Admin account you need necessarily to manage your Reseller account and your customer's accounts. Rest 16 are your customers account ie a total of 17.
  5. Inka

    Inka Perch

    Then I am not understanding this correctly.

    A reseller has the option of creating a "Service Account Plan" in order "host any website in your reseller account"

    What happens if I create such Service Account Plan now? Am I going to have then:

    1 Administrative account + 16 user accounts + 1 Service Account = 18 accounts??

    That is, in one way or the other one gets charged for two accounts for managing the reseller capabilities?? I frankly thought that the service account was the one for which a reseller gets charged but I could not imagine that you also charge for the account that the reseller uses to open tickets and to pay the monthly fee ?(
  6. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    Inka, it is the way hsphere does things, one reseller account = 3 licenses total before even hosting one customer.
  7. Inka

    Inka Perch


    Then the best thing you can do is to advertise only 14 free accounts or at least clarify that one of the 15 is the administrative account.

    It's ok for me if PSoft is dishonest because I don't treat with them, but that does not mean you have to follow them in their bad habits.
  8. Yash

    Yash Bass

    Actually no
    1 reseller account = 1 license used for reseller admin cp

    other accounts (whether for your service domain or website) are treated as end-user account.

    I think it's fair. Each additional license is just $0.50/month. You can host unlimited sites in each account
  9. Yash

    Yash Bass

    I'll clarify that as a note. But every Hsphere provider out there does the same.
  10. Inka

    Inka Perch

    Ok thanks. That's very good.

    Not a concern for me, I don't deal with them. This is a good opportunity to let them know that you prefer to be honest. If they are dishonest that's **their** problem.

  11. Inka

    Inka Perch

    I was not questioning whether it was fair or not. I am only pointing it out that it's misleading.

    Since you are going to put a note, that will solve the problem. Period.
  12. cca

    cca Perch

    I was about to purchase reseller account because I thought i had this all worked out until I read this post. It seems this has caused a lot of confusion.

    Please clarify for value host:
    I get 7 control panels (free) but i must use one cp for reseller admin is the way I understand it.

    Can my service domain be hosted in admin control panel thus leaving me 6 control panels to onsell?

    Or is the submitted quote saying I get 7 control panels(free) but i must use one for admin control, and one cp to host my service domain(hosting website) thus leaving me 5 cps to onsell??

    I am sure this is quiet simple to understand if youv'e already been thru the process, ie you already understand it:)
  13. Emagine

    Emagine Perch Staff Member

    from my setup and i think its right (have to be confirmed by jodohost).

    you need 2 accounts out of your quota for your administration account and one to host your domains.

    so in your case.

    you get 7 free (this is the lite host acount not value host)

    1 needs to be used for the administration account - your down to 6 accouts.

    the second needs to be used to host your service domains, or your company domains. - this leaves 5 free accounts.

    so regards to your question , yes 2 accounts need to be used by you the company. leaving 5 accounts.

    you can host unlimited accounts from the value host plan and plans above, it only costs $0.50 per an account per a month.. for any extra accounts when you have used your free account quota.

    the lite host comes with 7 free accounts, two are used by you the host, and you can have a maximum of 10 accounts, meaning you can buy another 3 accounts.

    <-- edit-->
    you get 15 free accounts with the value host
    <-- /edit-->
  14. cca

    cca Perch

    Thanx emagine,
    As you can tell this is a subject of much confusion. The reseller page mentions 1 account for admin & rest as end user, so one assumes there are 6 available for resell. Jodo really should find a better way to express this more clearley concerning the actual resellers web site hosting. I'll signup anyway as myhosting will mainly be my design clients.

  15. cca

    cca Perch

    even jodohost gets confused 8)
  16. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    My way of saying it is everything uses a license, any login of any kind from the control panel uses a license at some level in the system.

    It is very confusing, I don't even think the psoft developers know!
  17. eehost

    eehost Perch

    Can't the administrative account be used with domains also and have the company's site on it?
  18. Ravi

    Ravi Perch

    No, Admin account is to manage your clients. A special purpose account service account is officially recommanded by psoft for resellers.

    Although service account is optional.
  19. eehost

    eehost Perch

    The special service account is a different one from the Administrative account? What is the service account for?
  20. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    The service account is for your website, the main hosting domain.

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