Black hat techniques of seo the wrong way

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    Wrong Way of Seo - Black Hat Seo [ Tips for Webmasters ]


    What is Black Hat SEO?

    There are a variety of tips and tricks that will get you instantly ranked in the top pages of the major search engines. These tricks are called Black Hat Tools, meaning that they are unethical and if discovered your page will suffer. Search engines will penalize, if not permanently ban your site if it is discovered that you are partaking in black hat SEO methods. We never have and never will partake in any black hat methods.


    * Avoid hidden text
    o White text on a white background
    o An image with text behind it
    o Using font size 0
    o Hiding text through CSS sheet

    * Evade hidden links
    o The link is the same color and font of the text, making it unnoticeable
    o CSS is used to create a hyperlink that is one pixel
    o Links hidden in special characters such as a hyphen

    * Do not send automated queries to search engines
    o Must get permission from search engine before submitting automatic queries

    * Do not use cloaking techniques
    o Serving content to search engines that is not what users see
    o Serving a HTML page to search engines, while users see a Flash page full of images

    * Shun JavaScript redirects
    o Directing search engines to a different page than what actually shows up to users
    o Links are not accessible in JavaScript making redirects a common practice for JavaScript users

    * Stay Clear of keyword stuffing
    o Filling in your site with keywords creates a negative experience to users
    o Do not excessively repeat keywords
    o Do not use hidden text for keyword stuffing

    * Pass up pages, domains, and subdomains with duplicate content
    o When using subdomains, domains, and pages always write original content

    * Never create a page that installs a virus, trojan, or badware
    o Never exploit security holes
    o If your site is infected from a hacker search engines will notify you to make the appropriate changes

    * Do not participate in link farm schemes
    o Avoid submitting your site to websites that trade links
    o Link farms recently have been under attack from search engines

    * When using affiliate programs ensure that your site adds value
    o Do not rewrite other peoples content and call it your own
    o Do not use auto-generated content that makes no sense to the reader but contains keywords
    o Choose affiliate programs carefully making sure they contain original, valuable content

    * Do not use false doorway pages made for the search engines
    o Directing users to sites irrelevant to what they selected, only providing content for search engines
    o Doorway pages consist of hundreds of links not containing valuable information to users

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