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Discussion in 'Pre-Sales' started by jimsauerii, Oct 3, 2005.

  1. jimsauerii

    jimsauerii Guppy

    I know many of you came over here from there. I was wondering how things are going for you. Yash said thing are much better here now. Whats your opinion?

    I still haven't had time to get moved but things are still failing whenever they want, like e-mails and such and I have to do something. The fiorum is still gone and thats a no no for me. ?(
  2. jonyah

    jonyah Perch

    the move has been nothing but positive for me. the transfer can take some time if you have a lot to transfer, but the greatest feeling will be the day you get that last account moved over and you cancel the RC account.
  3. Cliff

    Cliff Perch

    All good so far... The support is great. I'm cancelling my RC account next week. Finally got everything moved over, what a relief.
  4. Yash

    Yash Bass

    It's nice to see a customer return after 1.5 years
  5. dlrmartin

    dlrmartin Perch

    hello jimsauerii,

    move to JH. now is better than better RC days. you will be happy again ;)

    I did a mistake moving first to diy, and never like it. now diy is on vip hands and is yet worse.

    I made two migrations in 3 months, I'm exhaust!
  6. jimsauerii

    jimsauerii Guppy

    I never wanted to move again. :(

    The only reason I am considering the move back here is one of the people from here helped me out greatly switching to mssql when I went to RC and had some problems with access. I forgot what he went by over here though....

    And It used to be pretty fast here in spite of the other problems from before. Now if only i can find enough time to deal with yet another move.
  7. jimsauerii

    jimsauerii Guppy

    Sweet, My accounts over there are suspended. They must be reading here.

    Yash or other support member, if I move back over here are you able to transfer my mssql databases provided these people haven't deleted them???
  8. jimsauerii

    jimsauerii Guppy

    Also, is there any recent proggies to back up my mssql db's locally?
  9. Yash

    Yash Bass

    You can just give us a backup dump of your database and we'll restore it. Alternatively, you can give us the remote login details of your MSSQL database and we can import them locally via DTS
  10. jimsauerii

    jimsauerii Guppy

    Yash, I have no dump, no nothing except the original db over there. They will not respond to me currently.

    I would need an account (not reseller, I am sick of that deal) that would allow 4-5 sites with 3-4 mssql db's and a couple of separate ip's for the security side (ssl certificate's etc) for the comic site. What would my options be?

    Would you be charging me to copy the database over? Would remote ftp be possible there as there are some 500 meg of pictures that would need to be transferred as well.

    The guys really put me in a major bind.....
  11. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member


    Can you confirm if logging into Enterprise Manager works right now, if it does, we can copy it using DTS to our side.

    I can't answer the remote FTP question, as I don't know the answer.

    The other question, I think maybe the silver Windows plan will fit, with 2 Dedicated IPs, and 6 sites, if that doesn't work the gold with 9 domains should.
  12. jimsauerii

    jimsauerii Guppy

    I cant even access my control panel to see if they are trying to say they are not paid or what. I know they are because paypal shows the payment but I am suspended from my CP as well.
  13. jimsauerii

    jimsauerii Guppy

    They are not answering the phone either.
  14. jimsauerii

    jimsauerii Guppy

    I found another link in a suspension letter that lets me go pay them. They are saying that they never received payment and my paypal account shows they did. They have not responded to any e-mails nor are they answering their phones beyond the automated system.

    If and when they answer and get me back online I will try to get with support here and get it switched fast. Is there any reason I couldnt go ahead and open a new account here and get the dns pointed here in advance??
  15. Atul

    Atul Administrator Staff Member

    If these are high traffic sites, we will recommand Semi-dedicated plans, otherwise you can pick any shared plan. If resources in the shared plan not sufficent, then write to sales for custom plan. Mention which plan you want customized. They will quote you immedaitely.

    If there is just one database to be transferred, we will do it for free.
  16. jimsauerii

    jimsauerii Guppy

    Thanks for the response Atul, They are not really that high in traffic. I think the silver or gold would be fine as far as I can tell. I only have 2 databases I would need to transfer, The others are able to be started anew. I would however need to know if I can remote (fxp) ftp to ftp a bunch of images. (500 meg) or so to save a lot of time. Can I do this or would you need too?

    And right now I cannot get these people to even respond to my messages to prove I paid to be reinstated.

  17. jimsauerii

    jimsauerii Guppy

    Ok, I just paid for a gold account. Hopefully I will get my mails soon. Paid PayPal.

    Lets hope this turns out to me more positive than my last few years of hosting experience. Yash I am counting on you!!! :D
  18. Atul

    Atul Administrator Staff Member

    We have activated your account. Check your email for login details. We also do phone verification, but will do after we receive your reply.

    Please use LiveChat from JodoHost home page if you need any urgent assistance.
  19. jimsauerii

    jimsauerii Guppy

    Thanks, setting up dedicated ips and such to get the ball rolling as soon as I can.

    Phone verification... Go ahead and call if needed. I am sitting here. :] Number is listed in account.
  20. jimsauerii

    jimsauerii Guppy

    There seems to be another security certificate attached to the dedicated ip I just switched too. Goes to talismanmotor..... ??

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