Cannot send emails to external domains ticket# BJU-53702-125

Discussion in 'PHP and MySQL' started by infoman, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. infoman

    infoman Guppy

    After discovering the php mail() function no longer works I have installed a php script that is using the phpmailer system. The problem is it only sends emails to addresses on the same domain, if we try to send to external emails like or other email addresses on different domains they never arrive.

    We are using the correct SMTP "" which is an alias of "mail3.m****" and authentication with the correct unsername and password. With codes and warnings on we can see it correctly autheticating and sending the message.

    We receive the email copy correctly on the same domain but external domains receive no emails from our script.

    A support ticket has been lodged (BJU-53702-125), waiting anxiously for a fix or suggestions.

    Thank you.
  2. SachinK

    SachinK Perch

    We have already replied your ticket with the alternative smtp port, which you can try to send mails to external domains/email id's and update us result on support ticket.
  3. infoman

    infoman Guppy


    We have tried using SMTP port 587, but this just produces the same result. No emails are being received by external domains! I can't believe something as simple as sending an email from a php script should be such a deep task finding adventure.

    If our account is missing some correct setups can someone with the right knowledge please have a look. This is extremely urgent and important to have this fixed ASAP.

  4. SachinK

    SachinK Perch

    I have update your ticket already, please check it and update the information as mentioned in ticket.

    Also, there is no need to update your ticket contents on forum. Please do update on ticket only, we'll help you with it.
  5. infoman

    infoman Guppy

    So now after two weeks of wasting our time we discover that you have cancelled shared SSL services to your reseller customers? Wow are you people just trying really hard to dis-satisfy your customers?

    Did your company ever learn about the term "Communicate to your customers" I have spent two weeks trying to resolves issues on your servers and finally you tell me that if you move me to a new server all will be fixed and when you move me I discover that you have cancelled Shared SSL?

    You might want to consider one simple thing the next time you change your reseller features list try informing your current resellers instead of allowing them to find out by themselves.

    I have been with Jodohost for 5-6 years and my services ran like clock work without any interruptions, in the past few weeks you have disabled services or made changes that stopped our systems from working without any communications and we had to spend many days working through your mess to discover why this was so!

    I will now transfer my services to a better more customer focused company who knows how to communicate with their customers and does not pull the rug out from underneath their customers feet.

    I will keep my jodohost account until I have made all necessary arrangements. Thank you for 5-6 really great years but unfortunately the last few weeks has proven to me that your company has lost its focus on customers.

  6. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    We announced shared ssl discontinued as it is not working properly.

    We announced this months ago, on the April 20th mass mailing to all we announced this point #6.

    there is an error in handling of all 2048bit SSL certs, and the way shared ssl works there is not a viable workaround for it right now.
    We have tried to communicate to all, we send mails, few read them, we post status messages and tweets, many seem to read them, but clearly not everyone, we have some ideas after migration on improving communications by possibly doing a mailed newsletter that will grab attention simply by being different, but we are not sure how viable that can be being such a global customer base.
  7. infoman

    infoman Guppy

    Well isn't that funny not only have we never received that communications our shared SLL was working fine just a few days ago and has been for the last 5-6 years. You people told us that if we moved you to a new server all issues will be fixed instead even more things are no longer working.

    We have spent two (2) useless weeks going backwards and forwards in messaging to your team, why has so much time been wasted? I will tell you because your people don't test anything! They send a message saying Fixed please test and when we look at it we find it has not been fixed, so then we lose another few days.

    I received a message this morning saying they had enabled shared SSL when infact not only does the https not work but the http connection no longers.

    Anyone who has spent time in the IT industry know how important the word TEST means. This is has been a critical issue for us and your company has treated it like a kids party!

    We are making plans to leave jodohost...I cannot believe how poor the technical ability and the attitude to testing has been by your support team.

    Good luck and good bye!
  8. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    That is fine, we aren't holding you anywher,e but you claim we did not send it, when indeed we did.

    Look in your contact address for a mail from [email protected] on April 20th.

    We gave several points that are very important:

    1. Manually set permissions or users, subftp accounts or extensions may not transfer automatically.
    2. ASP.NET 2.0 set prior to Hsphere control panel official support, while we make every effort to ensure these sync we have seen a number of times it does not. You may need to create a ticket to request the proper version of ASP.NET be set, or attempt to change it from the control panel first. ASP.NET 4.0 will show up in 2003 servers, but will error if selected.
    3. IP addresses of mail servers and SQL servers are changing and may require updates if hard coded into your code. We recommend using DNS based names where possible so auto updates can happen.
    4. Custom php settings via ini file, perl modules installed in the past, or other custom scripting options may not carry over and may require a ticket to be installed or otherwise corrected. If using a custom php.ini you may need to request an updated version for the correct paths and versions installed.
    5. When linux server migrations occur there may be intermittent downtime during the duration of the migration process due to configuration files being generated
    6. Shared SSL may not load after migrations due to incompatibilities with Hsphere, this is also impacting existing customers that make any change. This emails serves as notice of a temporary suspension of shared SSL services.

    We also want to remind you that our recommended way of mailing from websites and forms, is to use mail server for the hosted domain, as SMTP with SMTP authentication and port 587.

    This point is exactly as it happened, after migration is quit working. We can load the certificate, but it won't work. I am sorry for a support issue there, I will discuss it with them and remind of this matter of shared SSL.
  9. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    BTW this is on linux and they did manually make it work for you, but you cannot edit in hpshere now or it will not work, if you do make a web setting change in Hsphere you will need to ask for it to be reapplied.

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