CDO transport error, email page stopped working

Discussion in 'TechTalk' started by Wollyonline, Mar 26, 2014.

  1. Wollyonline

    Wollyonline Guppy


    I tried to ask the helpdesk yesterday but they are not getting back to me and I don't know where to go. Yesterday my trusted CDO email page stopped working and I'm getting a transport error.
    CDO.Message.1 error '80040213'
    The transport failed to connect to the server.
    /alsudgf7JHG/ReminderMailer.asp, line 52

    It's a very standard CDO mailer file, nothing has changed and all of a sudden this... any ideas?

  2. akshay

    akshay Administrator Staff Member

    Can you please let me know the ticket ID so that we can check it.
  3. Wollyonline

    Wollyonline Guppy

    I think when I attach the file the ticket is not generated. I just send you two new tickets, one with the file attached and one without but with the code pasted... I only received 1 confirmation email and if my idea is correct, that confirmation should be from the ticket without the file.
  4. ashwaniyadav

    ashwaniyadav Perch

    I have replied your ticket and now it should work fine. I found some communication failure between mail server and web server but this issue has been resolved now.

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