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Discussion in 'H-Sphere Reseller Hosting' started by Stephen, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. cpmiller

    cpmiller Perch

    Was reviewing the new mail setup stuff ( and read the following:

    "Mailbox quota defines how many MB of mail you can store in your mailbox. You can't store more than allowed by the mailbox quota. It is not included into the site disk space quota. If your hosting plan allows, you can increase the initial free mailbox quota."

    Don't understand the "It is not included in the site disk space quota." Am I to understand that if a customer gets 100MB of storage and, say, 5 mail accounts, each with 10MB as default, then that customer effectively gets 150MB of total storage (100 + (5mail * 10mb each))?

    Then, just a bit after that, the doc'n says this (in ref to a customer increasing his mailbox storage quota):

    "From this moment on, you will be charged for the difference between this new amount and the free amount your hosting plan grants. This charge will be added to the recurrent fee at the beginning of each billing period."

    My accounts are set up with summary storage, which as I understand it, allocates a given amount of storage to the account plan, which the account owner can then reallocate however he sees fit. Thus, if he had 100MB, he could have no Webspace but could put all 100MB into a mail account by setting the mail quota to 100MB.

    Is summary storage no longer an option and customers can no longer allocate whatever storage they want to their email provided it's within their plan's total storage limit?


  2. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member


    That doesn't apply ith summary disk usage such as we use. Summary disk usage makes mail, database and web ll have one simply USAGE based quota
  3. cpmiller

    cpmiller Perch

    Okay, thanks for the clarification on the summary disk usage. However, there is still that first question--the PSoft doc'n implies that mailbox storage is not part of quota, whether that be summary or non-summary storage. I'm assuming that, as usual, PSoft doc'n is not right?

  4. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    it includes mail as well :)
  5. alisch

    alisch Guppy

    Another quick question, sorry if you have already answered it somewhere:

    You said the maintenance starts friday at 12:00AM. Is that UTC time?

  6. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    No EDT GMT-4

    our plans is to do some reboots then, and then the main control panel upgrade, and one windows server, I was planning to start with win2, but thinking now it may be best to start with win25 that is the new one currently on for sign up. i will be posting more details on the windows side in the sub forums in the next 24 hours.

    We realize we have a global client base, but we have given more than 2 weeks notice, and we have a long task ahead in this, unless we start friday we will be carrying over into monday which is by statistics a much higher traffic day than any other, we may still carry into monday slightly if plans don't go exactly as expected, but we will strive to maintain as much uptime as is possible.
  7. signal7

    signal7 Guppy

    Could you please setup an easier way to get to the control panel. I used to be able to use a long time ago, but it hasn't worked in ages. Something like cp.<mydomain>.<com,org,info,biz,net,....> would be great. This would be the same way we can use mail.<mydomain>.com to get to Horde.

  8. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member if you are a reseller or if shared client, that is for cluster1 clients, it is cp.g********.com for cluster2
  9. signal7

    signal7 Guppy

    I wasn't asking what it is - I was asking for something to make remembering the url easier (aka idiot proof). After all, I am human and I do sometimes forget the url. Finding it by trying to follow links from is very difficult.

    Would you prefer that I post a link to it on my site?
  10. tanmaya

    tanmaya APAC Operations Staff Member

    Does this helps:
  11. SALvation

    SALvation Perch

  12. tanmaya

    tanmaya APAC Operations Staff Member

    Re: Reseller CP Down?

    Please check it now. There was an issue with SSL configuration for this CP URL.
  13. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    Re: Reseller CP Down?

    Please remember we are in the announced period for upgrades and the CP may be up/down a lot during this time.
  14. cca

    cca Perch

    Customers can't make payment via PayPal at the momment!

    I have changed my PP IPN
    eg:http: // /psoft/servlet/psoft.hsphere.PayPal.payment

    per hsphere guide.
    I note the port no. eg 80:80 is shown in psoft example whereas I am running the cp without port no as part of the cp url because it has been previously stated it wasn't required any longer.

    Is it required now?

    When customer follows pays from cp it returns http://null/null

    Is it a case of it will work when upgrade is complete? if so when is that please??
  15. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    the CP portion of the upgrade is complete, only the windows servers are still going, so it shoudl not be an issue now.
    Submit a ticket and we will check it.
  16. cca

    cca Perch

    Ticket DJM-50709-203
  17. Deepak-JH

    Deepak-JH Oceanic Police

    Support has already replied your ticket, please update that if needed.
  18. cca

    cca Perch

    to other Resellers. In addition to modifying your IPN AT PAYPAL...

    Check your paypal configuration in hsphere:
    Payment setting/merchant gateways
    where it says active, click PayPal.

    The hsphere upgrade has removed my previous setting....make sure your is re-configured too.
  19. cca

    cca Perch

    Just did a test and the payment returns tp hsphere but the payment is not added to the customers account.
  20. cca

    cca Perch

    Here is the error in the webpayments log:
    Problem processing request. Web Processor Type: PayPal Error PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

    Ticket is in, still waiting for an update on this issue from jodohost as paypal payments were added fine to cp before the upgrade to V3.

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