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  1. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    This morning an agent made a mistake in mass mailing resellers that were on ColdFusion servers and using ColdFusion services by mass mailing all resellers and even those in a suspended/canceled state. We apologize for the confusion caused by this mailing, it was intended for a select audience that we had researched over the last week and found to be using the services. Many resellers do have non coldfusion domains on the coldfusion servers due to misconfigured plans, but we nailed down exactly which domains were using the services and the mails were intended to go to them. While the rest of the customers would continue in upgrades to Windows 2008 R2 in the Hsphere process before the 2003 EOL by Microsoft without issue.

    If you are confident you are not using ColdFusion services, you can simply ignore this mailing. We are trying to do good by all customers here we hate to fully EOL a product but the version of ColdFusion Hsphere supports is right at 10 years old now and security issues are a major concern and even seen on a frequent basis, and we have no choice but to upgrade the servers and the control panel to make this all happen. We want to make it as easy as possible to complete, but there will be some challenges I am sure. The ColdFusion itself should not need updating but a lot of DSNs and other databases may need to be moved and re-accommodated.

    The mail was as follows:
    Subject: JodoHost H-Sphere ColdFusion End of life Announcement - Response Required

    Dear Reseller,

    We are sending you this mail because you have domains using ColdFusion hosting servers with CF files, we request you read this complete mail and respond to us ASAP.

    Effective January 4, 2015, we are decommissioning remaining Windows 2003 servers which runs ColdFusion. These are some of last 2003 servers to be decommissioned. Windows 2003 has a final EOL from Microsoft in mid 2015 and we will be completely off of 2003 before this date. H-Sphere does not support ColdFusion on Windows 2008 or the latest up to date and maintained ColdFusion server versions (CFMX 7 is the latest supported). Upon 2003 to 2008 upgrade, server will stop domains using ColdFusion.

    We are planning to offer ColdFusion 11 on Plesk with Windows 2012 R2 to those needing continued ColdFusion services. If you have any EXISTING domain using ColdFusion, it will not be charged up to following limits:

    LiteHost - 2 domains
    ValueHost - 4 domains
    SilverHost - 8 domains
    GoldHost - 12 domains
    PlatinumHost - 16 domains

    Any additional EXISTING domain will be charged $ 1.00 per month per domain. If you as a reseller wish to host any NEW ColdFusion domain even if you are under these limits now, it will be charged at $ 2.00 per month per domain. To clarify, if you have SilverHost account, using 6 domains, after the move, you will be not charged anything. However if you wish to add any new ColdFusion domain, it will be charged $ 2.00 per domain per month. These ColdFusion servers will be optimized for ColdFusion hosting, and will support a limited classic ASP and ASP.NET features. The billing for any reseller domains or added domains will be done in Hsphere so you do not have two billing systems to maintain. We look forward to being able to provide you a refreshed and renewed ColdFusion product going forward into 2015.

    If you have any questions please open a ticket in the reseller desk or email to the helpline on helpline \AT\ (edited from mailing which gave it correctly, here to prevent spam)
    Please respond to us by support ticket to let us know ColdFusion DOMAIN NAMES that you wish us to move to the planned Plesk ColdFusion servers. If none, please mention Nil/None in response to this email (if you make a support ticket please include the email text so we know the context of the Nil/None). Remember if you do not respond that once the 2003 Servers are migrated, ColdFusion services will not function on the migrated servers with Windows 2008 R2 within the Hsphere clusters.

    JodoHost Customer Service
  2. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    We've been unable to get the ColdFusion 11(the only version of CF available for sale now for over 8 months) working with Plesk 12 which is delaying followup mails. Parallels says it doesn't work with Plesk, yet they advertise a plesk coldfusion module as a selling point, we are trying to get this matter resolved. We hope to get this resolved and the process completed soon, and apologize for the delay.
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