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Discussion in 'Website Reviews' started by KCWebMonkey, Mar 21, 2004.

  1. KCWebMonkey

    KCWebMonkey Perch

    We finally made public a beta release of our site

    A few of us (from forums) decided to get together and make a development site, and it's been real fun working on this and shaping it into what it is now.

    i know we still have a long way to go, but here is what we have for now...
  2. DirtBag

    DirtBag Perch

    looks good! but I didnt really like the colors.....
    and the ads by google on the left side is the type of boxes i hate!
    but good

    but why arent you using WWF?? 8o
    OK, YAF is good too, and Norwegian!
  3. KCWebMonkey

    KCWebMonkey Perch

    Well, the site is still in beta, so the colors and graphics will continue to get 'tweaked' and streamlined...

    the google ads are just our first ad implementation, we may leave it...we may not...

    we used yaf forums because the site is coded in w/, and WWG is a good forum, but it's written in classic asp.
  4. michael

    michael Guppy

    We were actually thinking abou different forums like forum but their 1.0 version is well very limited and the 2.0 is at this point still in alpha...
  5. sfhuck

    sfhuck Guppy

    I'd look at either forcing the background white, or fixing the top tabs (web dev, app dev, db dev) to have transparent bg's instead of white.
  6. hatton

    hatton Perch

    Got a couple of issues with the site, I'll try not to let my complete dislike of .NET cloud my thinking tho ;)

    Actually here are a few bullets that I see as I'm browsing the site... using MSIE on a 1024x768

    - The menu system on the left has some inconsistencies. If you are going to use a right-aligned graphic that has the entire cell as an active link then the least you can do is right align the menu items within the drop down after you select a "header". Especially with the default font being used for the text links under the graphical menu items, I missed some items when I first used the menu.
    - Even though your first menu item on the left is for home, link your logo to the home page, that's a given.
    - The text for "Expert Articles" is difficult to read, especially that small. Also, why are those "tabs" up there when the rest of your content is in the left-hand menu?
    - You've got that 3x3 dot graphic all over the place but it's inconsistent, especially when you have the menu right next to the page title. I would suggest taking the menu graphics and left-aligning the text and moving the dots to the left, that's where you have them in relationshipt to the text everywhere else.
    - On the front page, you need more gutter space between the two content columns in the white box.
    - Also on the front page, you've got your "recent forum posts", however since you don't have a lot of forum activity, the same "search before you post" message is there quite a few times. Additionally, you're cutting off words, probably because you're just doing a left trim of the first 100 characters or so. Your ASP.NET feed is providing more than that so you can afford to add some more characters to that. While you're there, add in a check to expand to the next whitespace character, it'll look a lot more professional.
    - On your article listing page (such as;14 ) you're displaying 3 articles per screen. That's good for my display, however your google ads on the left go farther than that... not a real "impressive" display when your ad provides more content than your articles on a page.

    That should be enough to keep ya busy for a while! It looks like a good start and once things get up and going it'll be something that I add to my bookmark, for the SQL if nothing else.
  7. michael

    michael Guppy

    Thank you for your suggestions, we will sure take them into consideration to be fixed. :]
  8. fischermx

    fischermx Perch

    I'm the master of bumping old threads and I think I'm going to break a record here :)

    Since you have private messages disabled I'm going to ask here.
    What happened to this site? Today it is a parked page.
    What happened to your software LinkManager.Net (actually a directory software?)

    I was a regular user in your site and even made a couple of donations. I used LinkManger for a time and even ported it to C#.
    Where all this ended?
  9. KCWebMonkey

    KCWebMonkey Perch

    the project disbanded, not sure what else to say :)

    There were originally about 10 people on-board but after time people started dropping off like flies. After a certain point it became obvious that forward momentum had stopped so we made the official decision to end it unfortunately.

    The domain expired and was subsequently bought up by one of those domain warehouse companies.

    I'm not sure about the current status of LinkManager, but you can contact Michael or Mart(Martin) over at the web wiz guide forums (they're still pretty active over there.

    Hope that helps. :)

  10. KCWebMonkey

    KCWebMonkey Perch

    and... i just checked my settings, and it shows i don't have private messages disabled :)
  11. fischermx

    fischermx Perch

    Oh, well, that happens.

    Thanks for the update!
  12. handaajay15

    handaajay15 Guppy

    Well, Your site is trying to automatically install google toolbar. I understand google provides you money for every install. But installing something without user's permission is a direct violation of GOOGLE terms.

    I would say watch out, before google finds and cancel your account.
  13. fischermx

    fischermx Perch

    Whose' site?
  14. KCWebMonkey

    KCWebMonkey Perch

    If you would stop to read the previous posts you would notice that i said the domain expired and was picked up by one of those domain warehouse companies...

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