Different default page behavior for UNIX vs Windows?

Discussion in 'TechTalk' started by liming, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. liming

    liming Perch

    This isn?t a problem that I need to solve, but I?m just a little curious as to the default page behavior between UNIX vs Windows.

    1. On both servers, I have Directory Indexes turned OFF.
    2. On both servers, I have [index.html] at the root.

    On the Windows server, going to [win-site.com] will display a "Directy Listing Denied. The Virtual Directory does not allow contents to be listed."

    But on the UNIX server, going to [unix-site.com] will take me to [index.html] !

    Is this the proper behavior?

    Shouldn't the UNIX server do the same thing?
  2. skypanther

    skypanther Exalted Code Master!

    Just taking a guess, but I think IIS uses default.htm as its default index file and Apache uses index.html. So, with indexes off and just an index.html file in your windows webroot, you have no default document as far as IIS is concerned.

  3. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    Correct windows defaults are:
  4. liming

    liming Perch

    Ah... thanks for the info skypanther and Stephen
  5. escoles

    escoles Guppy

    Is there a way to add 'index.asp' to the list?
  6. liming

    liming Perch

    escoles: Go to "Directory Indexes" under Web Services. There you can add index.asp.
  7. escoles

    escoles Guppy

    Sorry, but I'm not seeing that.

    If I go to Account >> Web Options >> [subdomain], I have the opportunity to enable or disable "Indexes", but no capacity to edit them.

    If I go to Account >> Domains >> Edit Domain [subdomain] >> Web Servies, I
    get the same screen, and the same options. No option to add a page name to the list.

    None of the options under Account >> Webserver seem to be relevant.

    What is the path to this feature? Is it documented anywhere?
  8. liming

    liming Perch

  9. escoles

    escoles Guppy

    Sorry, still doesn't work. Those directions don't correspond to what happens when I interact with my control panel. Yes, there is a Web Services page, and yes, you can turn on Directory Indexes, but that's where the resemblance ends. My experience simply does does not gibe with the instructions at the address you reference.

    Here's an excerpt from those directions:

    4. On the Web Service page, scroll down to find the Directory Indexes option and turn it on.
    5. Agree with the charges.
    6. In the box that appears, enter the names for files that will be treated as indexes. Put file names in the descending order of priority and separate them with spaces (e.g. index.html cgi.bin about.html).​

    First, I never get a prompt to "agree with changes".

    Second, I don't get a popup window. Nor (in Firefox 2) do I get a notice that a popup was blocked.

    I've just tested the control panel in IE for Windows, and I get the same result.

    As far as I can see, this feature simply isn't available on my control panel, and it does not appear to be a browser issue. Are there separate installs of the control panel software with different feature-sets? Are some features disabled for some account types -- i.e., is this an undocumented deficiency of the "Value" type?
  10. hafa

    hafa Perch

    Actually, it's poor documentation on the part of h-sphere. The values should be separated by carriage returns, NOT spaces X(

    Example from H-shpere (WRONG!):

    index.html cgi.bin about.html



    I know it's relatively petty, but it's da#% irritating to spend otherwise productive hours figuring out something that could have been avoided if someone at H-sphere had bothered to re-read what they wrote just once...:yell: :frusty: :flame:


    Curiously, after entering them as carriage return separated variables, everything worked as it ought to, but when you go back to edit, they are displayed as space separated variables. I'd call this a bug.
  11. escoles

    escoles Guppy

    Hafa -- are you replying to my question? I would assume that, since you quoted it. Unfortunately, I don't understand how your reply applies, since I would never have gotten the chance to do anything with a list of filenames. So what characters separate them (commas or linefeeds) ends up being irrelevant. From my perspective -- i.e., based on what I could see when I used the web-based interface -- the feature simply didn't exist.

    It's academic, anyway. This was one of a number of niggling problems that led me to get a refund after working the better part of a day to partially accomplish what would have taken me 20 minutes on CPanel, and took me about a half hour on Helm with the new hosting provider.

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