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Discussion in 'Email Support' started by Dave, Aug 30, 2003.

  1. Dave

    Dave Perch

    I've transferred my domain name (hopefully) from my registrar's site so it now points to JodoHosts servers. I understand this will take up to 72 hours to complete. I created an alias to my original address, which I was advised to do so my directory would not be renamed (or a new one created - I forget which). Then I created e-mail accounts using my transferred domain name.

    I'm assuming this is the correct procedure. If someone could just validate that for me I'd be appreciative. Also, I'm assuming the mail server takes the same amount of time as the domain name stuff, which is why it isn't working. I can create e-mail accounts using my real domain name even though it's only an alias, right?

    Also, do I really have to do anything with MX records and A records and all that stuff? I have no idea why I'd change them, or what to change them to if I need to. I didn't have all these features with my old webhost, so everything just kinda worked.

    Thanks a bunch for any feedback.

  2. Yash

    Yash Bass

    Yep. All you'll have to do is wait for around 72 hours and you'd be able to receive email and see your website. I'm assuming that when you created the domain alias, you selected the option to create a local dns zone.
  3. Dave

    Dave Perch

    Thank you for the reply, Yash. Yes, I think I did set the DNS Zone, though I can't find where it says that now. But I believe it was a checkbox that said "recommended" beside it. I have no idea what it means, but if that was it, then I clicked it.

    Thanks again!

  4. Mike

    Mike Perch

    That's the problem with HSphere, powerful but confusing

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