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Discussion in 'Knowledge Base' started by saone, May 8, 2008.

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    My 1st post... just battled thru the endless google pages trying to find out how to do this, a helpful post here on Jodo helped, so now I've managed it, I thought I'd tell you how I went about doing it, for any other poor sole wanting to do the same thing. 8o

    DNN is set-up on on Jodohost and I want to be a parent portal of that DNN install. I will assume that you are using Jodo's H-Sphere

    1) where u registered set the Name Servers to those of

    2) You now need to find the "DNS settings" within H-Sphere, so its Domains >

    3) at the foot of that page, you should see "Domain aliases" click on the Add

    4) enter "" in to the box with the "Create DNS zone" ticked and then Submit

    5) now sign-in to DNN on as the Host

    6) from the pulldown Host > Portals

    7) Add new portal

    8.) Alias is, select a Template and enter all the other fields, click Create Portal... and hopefully thats it !!!

    NB. I did not add "" as a Domain within Jodo, just an alias, so you havent used up another Domain.

    And just in case you wanted to create a sub-domain for "" that is also a DNN portal, we will call it ""

    1) within H-Sphere enter "web options" > ""

    2) find "Server Alias" and click on Add

    3) enter "sub" in to the box and "submit"

    4) then add the portal to DNN as above

    NB Again. we didnt use up one of our Jodo sub-domains as we only added an alias

    Thats it... have fun :D

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