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  1. tlmii

    tlmii Guppy

    My Hyper-V VPS appears to be completely non-accessible (web, RDP, FTP, etc). Seems live chat is down too and no one has responded to my email. Is this another (D)DOS attack?
  2. ashwaniyadav

    ashwaniyadav Perch

    Everything is working fine, we checked VPS and domains and they are up and running fine. It seems something at your local, causing issue.
    Please try to check RDP and FTP by using another ISP or you can try to reboot Router/Modem and check further.
  3. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    There was nothing wrong with the network here :)
    I viewed your site on the phone while checking it, and it was checked further by techs as well just to be sure all was good.

    really wasn't even as much as a blip in the network traffic wise recently:

    It sounds like there may have been an issue with local routing near your ISP, the JH site is actually using cloudflare, so it could have been coming to your from a nearby server and not hitting the same route. In the future if you see this taking a traceroute to your site can be beneficial to finding out where the error is coming.

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