Early season ice/sleet storming


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Looks like it is starting right now.

I am hoping we don't have anything major enough for a datacenter emergency trip, I sent the staff home an hour back for safe driving, so I will be on call for anything during this time. I will be taking extra caution if any trip is required, so may take longer than normal 10-15 minutes to get there.
If I stopped work early every time it went below freezing I'd be able to take off from now until about May. :cool:
:D but you don't have the people in Texas that have no clue how to drive in ice or snow!
It is wild here anytime a forecast of ice/snow the store shelves EMTPY it is like prepare to be locked in for a month style stocking here.

I have driven in large amounts of ice/snow and don't really mind it but does take some getting used to the handling.
Yeah, it's all what you're used to. In some ways driving when it's just around or just below freezing is more hazardous. It can get icy or slushy when you are not expecting it and some people just don't get it. When it's 20 degrees below you pretty well know what you're going to get. I had to laugh when I moved here that the schools insist the kids have to play outside at lunchtime if it's above 12F, so we should make sure they bring a coat! The kids don't seem to mind.
Hope you're having a good Thanksgiving, despite all the usual BS...
Not having such a good one but I hope to have my family here Saturday and be a bit better :)

And yes here it is normally slushy, it was raining for 3 days prior to the supposed freeze, but it only hit freexing for a short time and then back up.