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Discussion in 'H-Sphere Reseller Hosting' started by kmar, Apr 4, 2004.

  1. kmar

    kmar Guppy


    I would like the Domain Registrar Manager in my reseller account to support domain registration services with Enom. Currently if I click the "Domain Registrar Manager" link under the "settings" tab I only get a message saying it is active. I cannot change domain name prices or anything. I believe JodoHost has to set up the Enom connection first, is this correct?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Yash

    Yash Bass


    Unforunately resellers cannot integrate their enom accounts into Hsphere. Hopefully this feature should be implemented in future versions.

    At the moment, I recommend you build your own external interface like we have
  3. kmar

    kmar Guppy

    You mean like http://domain.jodohost.com? I see you also have a reseller option there, can I login using my hosting reseller username and pass, or do I have to sign up again? In the case of the latter one, what is the cost?
  4. Yash

    Yash Bass

    We don't offer domain registration packages. You'll have to look around for some, sorry
  5. kmar

    kmar Guppy

    Will do! Thanks for the prompt reply!
  6. Bill

    Bill Guppy

    I got this from the HSpere site:

    "Starting with version 2.3, H-Sphere comes with a Domain Registrar Manager that supports automatic domain registration services multiple domain registration providers. In order for you to provide domain registration services, your hosting provider needs to set up a connection with a supported domain registration provider. You can't create your own connections."

    Given that information, if you do not support enom, then which registrars do you support?

  7. seventure

    seventure Guppy

    Any answer to this available?
  8. JMKotman

    JMKotman Perch

    Just become a reseller of www.directi.com. That is how JodoHost does it.
  9. jetzkr8

    jetzkr8 Perch

    Can jodohost confirm Directi registration can be integrated with HSphere?

    I had started a thread in Pre-sales forum and would be perfectly happy if admin/mod can move it over, or even delete it.
  10. matic

    matic Guppy

  11. Dave96

    Dave96 Perch

    i'm curious to know hat answer also
  12. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    resellers can not use their direct account for any registrar so far as I know, that is from the hsphere signup.
  13. Dave96

    Dave96 Perch

    so basically with a reseller account i get domain registration for my customers throug hsphere?
  14. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    Yes, you can, but it all goes via us, which in my opinion is the biggest downside to hsphere currently, it is one of the last remaining anonymous problems.
  15. jetzkr8

    jetzkr8 Perch

    Actually HSphere supports domain registrations. At present I know for a fact other HSphere provider has this option to work for OpenSRS Tucows Domain registrations. But their prices for domain registrations suck at $15 a piece, no room for profit margins compared to Directi at sub $7 ranges. Therefore Directi integration would make JODO products more interesting.

    In any case, I suggest JODO, as a hosting reseller provider, also offer domain registration service package outside of Hsphere. There needs to be an explanation that domain registration is offered and maintained as a separate entity; heck set a new entity up for this purpose alone. In any case this can work out well as Directi has good pricing and their control panel for resellers and customer control is simply great. Only downside is that their servers sometimes are on/off and buiggy; but things do work. I have been with Directi for short period and can vouch their customer service is poor but passes to solve your problems. In any case, domain registration is smooth when everything runs okay. Advantage is the control panel resellers get allows then to in turn sell to resellers if necessary. End user customer also gets own control panel to manage domains they own.

    Only snag is that Domain Registration entails payment to the registrar with no possibility for refunds. This factor requires one approach this issue carefully to avoid fraud/non-payment issues. The Directi panel offers complete control over registration to allow registrations only if funds are credited into any account.

    Anyone wants to sign up with Directi, can contact me. I will be happy to set you up for an account, Paypal accepted. Just PM me.

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