HelpDesk not working through Log In Page



It has been over a month now that the Support Ticket System is still not working. I know that you can email a request in but that does not work when your email server is down (which it has been since last night, mail4 server issues). I can not update an older ticket because those responses are not saved either. When is the system going to be fixed?

I've been having issues with this for a long time now. Prior to it not working at all, it stopped working if you attached a file to the ticket. Please do something about getting this fixed ASAP
Please drop an email at our support email id with your ticket system login detail. We will check the issue and fix it as soon as possible.
I opened a ticket via e-mail and immediately tried to open a ticket via the help desk.

The ticket id of the ticket created via e-mail is: OPT-62696-948

Here is the message from when I tried to create a ticket via help desk.
Confirmation of New Ticket Creation
From:[email protected]
Subject:Just testing
Timestamp:Tue, 19 Apr 2016 11:42:44 -0500
I just tried to save a test ticket using the interface at this link and it does not save. The only way I can input a new ticket is to email them in which makes it difficult to respond back because if I respond through website interface, it does not save.

[email protected]
Test to see if it working
Thu, 21 Apr 2016 14:41:06 -0500

Your new ticket has been sent successfully. Thanks for contacting us!

Note:This ticket may take a few minutes to show up "Track Open Tickets".

Yes, we are aware of this issue and working over it,

As soon we are done with it, we will let you know.

Best Regards,
Manish Mehta
It has been over a month since you were looking into this issue and the ticket system is still not working? What is going on?
We are working on getting a new Support system. We are in testing phase of this and will soon get a new one.
Would like to update, we are in the last phase of testing of the new support system and most probably by this upcoming weekend we are going to sort it out and we will notify you once it's implemented.

We apologize for any inconvenience.