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Discussion in 'H-Sphere Reseller Hosting' started by TrueBlue, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. TrueBlue

    TrueBlue Perch


    Any idea when the control panel is going to be upgraded to Hsphere 2.5x? It has been out a while.
  2. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    Most likley not soon, it still has some pretty major bugs and as I said in the ColdFusion topic, we have many many servers and main clients that rely on them, some of the upgrade process needs to be improved more. In addition to this we have to schedule with the developers a series of days where they have their top developers and staff in to be ready for the upgrade and they have basically told us to wait longer before this as we have so much to upgrade and a very high probability of some issues.

    In addition to this, once you upgrade the control panel all servers must be upgraded and you can not downgrade again if there are problems.

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