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Discussion in 'Hyper-V Windows VPS Hosting' started by Stephen, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    This is a copy of the post I made in another thread. I split it off for more visiblity.

    www.jodohost.com/windows-vps.asp (Hyper-V page is replacing, virtuozzo page, vz moving to own)

    now I know will be a number of questions on the plans and why we have both.

    VZ is great for many purposes, for hosting it is excellent.
    It has cheaper Plesk for control panel(Hyper-V bills like dedicated server)

    It also has a template filesystem, so you get about 29.5GB of 30Gb for instance, usable disk space.

    Hyper-V has a full install taking away about 15GB of the disk space right off the top.

    virtuozzo plans have external SQL Server access, Hyper-V plans do not, we will be adding that as an addon shortly.

    Virtuozzo support tickets for us to do tasks are a bit cheaper at $3 per issue(as long as not taking 15+ minutes)

    Hyper-V support tasks are $20 minimum, 30 minutes billed, and we offer addon support plans for them as well that will reduce that if you would like.

    Differences in them:
    Virtuozzo has less IO overheard due to the template OS, and no hardware emulation.

    Hyper-V has hardware emulation, but requires a full windows install, it also allows a custom sized swap file (virtuozzo is pegged to amount of RAM only).

    Virtuozzo doesn't allow kernel modules for VPN clients, live anti virus, etc, Hyper-V does allow them.

    Virtuozzo Windows updates are handled by the node, and if you install on own will have problems, Hyper-V is 100% by YOU, we do not provide Windows Updates outside of a support contract. On Hyper-V you have the same risk as a regular desktop/server platform in Windows Updates.

    Virtuozzo has a built in control panel that does a lot more, allowing off server backups to be taken on demand, Hyper-V does the basics like on and off. With Hyper-V currently you will need a support plan for backups to be taken by us, in the near future we will be adding SAN and iSCSI addons for you to mount a backup point within your Hyper-V.

    Feel free to ask questions if you have, this is a quick summary.

    We will be adding more features and addons over the next months, feel free to discuss what could/should be added.
  2. tekiegreg

    tekiegreg Perch

    Ummm...404 on clicking that link :)
  3. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    haha, that is what I get for .com, it is .asp :D

    Any other questions?
  4. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    I have moved this from our customer only section into the public Hyper-V section.
    We wanted to have Hyper-V and virtuozzo sections separate so that issues can be handled most appropriately.
  5. Penhall

    Penhall Perch

    With the Hyper-V solutions, will there be a MS SQL add-on option if we wanted to avoid installing sql express?
  6. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    Yes there will be a price per 100MB on a dedicated SQL solution that only VPS clients access, I know the pricing we have discussed but can't say just yet as it is not on the site. It would be MS SQL 2008.
  7. Penhall

    Penhall Perch

    Thanks Stephen.
  8. vemomo40

    vemomo40 Guppy

  9. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    what is the question?

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