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Discussion in 'Billing Support' started by aliweb, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. aliweb

    aliweb Perch

    Before: I am not happy || After: I am happy now


    Couple of days ago I purchased Value Host plan using 2checkout. Everything went fine.

    Then yesterday I went to add funds in my domain reseller account but I ran into problems. First I tried to pay using PayPal but I could not because

    1. I was not registered although your support staff told me there is no need to resigter and I can choose option "I am not a member" and pay by CC. But the problem is I couldn't see this option on PayPal website and it was asking me to either Login or Register.

    2. Fine, I tried to register but the country I am in was not in that drop down list of countries!!

    Then I tried paying via 2checkout but when I went to 2checkout page it says "My order is empty". When I click on "Continue Shopping" button it thorws me back to previous page and when I again click Next (2checkout) then it again says "my order is empty" although I have added amount in it.

    Then I tried using CCAvenue but same problem that "my order is empty".

    Then your support staff told me a direct link which was especially for Indian people but international customers can still use it. I added funds using CC and now after 24 hours I was told to submit

    a. scan/fax of CC statement copy
    b. scan/fax of Driver's license or National ID Card or any other official document with picture and name on it.

    WHAT IS THIS!? I mean it was just a simple thing to add funds and I m facing all sorts of problems.
  2. Atul

    Atul Administrator Staff Member

    1. Paypal does not support your country for this reason you could not add funds to your domain account.

    2. 2Checkout/CCAvenue are third party CC processors. There is wait period by 2CO for fraud check. We wait for this reason. If we do not, and 2CO cancel payment we end-up losing money to domain registrar. CCAvenue has also requested that information. This is not our requirements.

    Please suggest what you expect from us.
  3. aliweb

    aliweb Perch

    I have no problem using 2checkout and waiting 24 hours for verification. I am willing to do it and this is what I did when purchasing reseller hosting but there seems to be some problem with the system when I am adding funds in my domain reseller account. Here is what is happening.

    1. When I click on "Add Funds" it shows a drop down menu containing two options
    a. paypal
    b. 2checkout and cc avenue

    2. I chose 2checkout and on the next screen it asks to enter the amount.

    3. I entered and amount and pressed "next" and on next screen it gave two options
    a. pay by 2checkout
    b. pay by cc avenue

    4. I chose 2checkout and pressed the "next" button. Then it opened the 2checkout website in a new window and gave me message that "my order is empty" although I entered i in step 2.

    5. Same thing is happening when I chose pay by cc avanue.

    Please advise.
  4. aliweb

    aliweb Perch

    I will prefer 2checkout because this is what I used in purchasing reseller hosting and they didn't ask for any extra documents.
    By the way I think I have found what is causing this problem ("your order is empty") and I have emailed billing@jodohost.com about it. Please take a look at it.
  5. Ravi

    Ravi Perch

    Hi Ali,

    The problem is in the way 2CheckOut payment processor works. It is different from paypal. In paypal you can add funds in advance in your account to be used for future transactions.

    But, in 2CheckOut you can pay only when you have a payment pending. That is, you must order the product/service/domain first and then pay for it.

    So, the error message "your order is empty" means, there is no pending payment on your side.

    Unfortunately, we can't do anything about Paypal payment processor's availability in your country.

    Let me know if this clears the issue or not.
  6. aliweb

    aliweb Perch

    Ok then I will add a domain first and then pay via 2checkout.
  7. kuldeep

    kuldeep Perch

    Your domain has been registered.
  8. Atul

    Atul Administrator Staff Member

    We found a way around for 2Checkout empty cart problem. When you want to add funds to domain account, ask billing @ jodohost.com to raise a Debit Note for that amount. When Billing Dept. raise a Debit Note in your Domain Account, you will receive an email, using the link or from your Domain CP, you can now pay Debit Note through 2CO. After Billing receives funds from 2CO, they will do manual credit. You can then use this fund for domain registration.
  9. aliweb

    aliweb Perch

    Ok I am happy now :)
  10. KCWebMonkey

    KCWebMonkey Perch

    maybe the title of the thread should change to "i am happy now" ;)
  11. aliweb

    aliweb Perch

    Title has been changed :D

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