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Discussion in 'TechTalk' started by gsaunders, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. gsaunders

    gsaunders Perch

    Hey guys,

    I have Windows 2000 and want to have 2 domains share the same IP. Say I have:

    mydomain1.com (IP:
    mydomain2.com (IP: Share same as above)

    I believe host headers are involved with this and I have instructions on creating a host header by going into the advanced properties of the Web Site Identification however I cannot find instructions on where the directory for the new site will be created so I can place content.

    For example mydomain1.com has it's own directory under the inetpub location, and I then setup the host header for mydomain2.com, but that just sets up a header. What do I need to do to tell it where the site folder is found so it will pull up that web site?

    So far it is as if the host header is more like an alias, because I don't see where I point the host header to a folder for the contents.

    Obviously, I am a bit confused on the host header idea.

    Thanks for the assistance.

  2. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    You create the site, with the directory and such using the wizard, then add/edit the host headers. it is a multi-step process.
  3. gsaunders

    gsaunders Perch

    Ok so the site mydomain1.com already exists and is at IP

    Do I add the host header inside the properties of the mydomain1.com as mydomain2.com and then create a new site called mydomain2.com


    Do I create the site mydomain2.com after the mydomain1.com already exists and then create a host header? AND IF SO do I create the host header under the site settings for mydomain1.com or mydomain2.com.

    Sorry for the confusion as I haven't found anything that really clears this up. Even microsofts technet simply states creating the host header under the advanced settings of the web site identification, but NEVER mentions where the content is found or how the header knows where to find the content.

  4. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    Each site is a new entry, that is where paths, etc are stored.

    After making go to the advanced settings on the site, and add the host headers, domain.com www.domain.com etc.
  5. gsaunders

    gsaunders Perch

    So... I would do the following if I wanted to share among 5 domains:

    1) Create New Site in IIS for mydomain1.com and go to host header and add headers using same IP.

    2) Create New Site in IIS for mydomain2.com using same IP as above and then go to host header and add headers using same IP... and so on for each domain.

    So essentially you are creating domains in the manner you normally would, but you always use the same domain, BUT you must make sure you add the host header under the site settings for the domain you just created.


  6. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    no you always use the same ip, different domains.

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