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    A notice about running proxies on Jodohost servers:

    This is an official notice to every user and reseller, and reseller customer.

    Anonymous proxies, cookie hiding proxies, email proxies, and any other form of proxy is not allowed on any server. Any proxy found running on any account will be immediately disabled, and the user notified. If attempts to continue running proxies are made, the account may be suspended without further notice given. Resellers end users accounts are not exempt from this policy, if we notify you as a reseller that a user is running a proxy, you must convey this message to the end user, and if the end user continues to run proxies beyond our disabling them immediately, their account WILL be disabled.

    Proxies are server abuse, they consume many cpu cycles, bandwidth, and use high amounts of memory. In addition to that, they are many times used for illegal purposes. Any and all such scripts already running must be disabled with immediate effect to avoid any inconvenience. This notice includes all forms of proxies that may be run, from cgi, perl, php, python, asp, and, or any other scripting language, along with any form of XML based proxies. We will be continually policing the servers for these scripts or programs, and if found they will be permanently disabled. This was already against the Jodohost Terms of Service agreement, but we are sending this as a clarification after many problems if proxies being run on the servers causing detrimental effects to all customers on the servers.

    This is notice is not to be ignored.
  2. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

  3. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    We are now adding to this a new detail and clarification as well.

    Tools to check MSN blocked status, Yahoo blocked status, AOL Blocked status, ICQ blocked status, or any other IM network user blocking are not allowed.
    This is simply another form of proxy and it has proven time and again to be very bad on server CPUs and memory, causing high loads and memory usage for simply checking if you are "blocked" on a messenger service.

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