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Discussion in 'TechTalk' started by LegalAlien, Apr 24, 2004.

  1. LegalAlien

    LegalAlien Perch

    Yash - I'm really sorry for being so persistent but I need an answer for my clients. I've asked this a bunch of times but unfortunately, my question got buried in yesterdays excitement.

    You mentioned that you are considering incremental backups.

    I really like this idea. It seems like an industry standard and a tried a tested way to ensure that minimal data is lost in the event of a total loss.

    I also really appreciate the newer technologies and innovative solutions to this issue that you are working on, but could you please confirm what you decision is on this issue? My clients are really keen for this to be implemented...

    Thank you :D !
  2. Yash

    Yash Bass

    No problem.
    We will be implementing a real-time backup system. Please read that "Redundant servers" thread. We'd have a secondary server that would be a realtime backup of the primary

    That would accompany our current RAID1 or RAID5 disk protection and full system backups every 3 to 4 days. MS SQL backups are anyway made every 24 hours and we keep the last 3 backups with us..
  3. reptilecrazy

    reptilecrazy Perch

    Can you fully explain what u mean by real time back ups, and please put it in newbie terms.
    And you'll have to forgive me, can you fully explain about Raid, and how it works etc, and the value it gives to hosts etc. As at the moment with 2 failures i'm at a loss, do not see this as an attack, as frankly i have said nothing throught all this!
    I'll however check everything said against hubby, who i might add works for a living with a major car company, in finance dept, coding scripts, and making sure back-ups etc get done thus not loosing "Millions" per days for a certain company.
    I dont normally bother him with stuff like this, i'm my own woman, i may well be weak and direct him to all this!
  4. Yash

    Yash Bass

    Sure... I do not take anything as an attack against us. We had these 2 failures on Win5 we accept it and take responsibility for it.

    We use a system called RAID1 on our Windows servers and raid5 on our linux servers. RAID1 and RAID5 are disk arrays that can sustain the loss of a disk without the loss of any data. For example, our win servers have 73GBx2 SCSI Hot-swap hard disks. x2 mean that there are two hard disks on the system. These 2 hard disks are exact mirrors of each other. This mirroring is done by the help of a RAID1 controller from adaptec. If one hard disks fails, there would be no data loss and the system would continue to run.

    Apart from this system, we take full system backups every 3 to 4 days and move them to a remote server for safe storage.

    We plan to introduce a new system that would help us to increase uptime. This system is based on a secondary server concept where we have a secondary server to take over if the primary server (for example win5) fails without any downtime or data-loss. A program would run on the primary server that would monitor the primary server for any file changes and immediately update with secondary server with the latest files. Therefore, the secondary server would theoratically have an exact mirror of all data on the primary server at all times, and would be ready to take over from the primary server at any time, automatically

    We are hoping we can deploy this system in the middle of June or earlier
  5. reptilecrazy

    reptilecrazy Perch

    Thanks Yash,
    I'll run this by him when he returns from business tomorrow night.
    I appreciate the answer, it may well help the situation.
  6. reptilecrazy

    reptilecrazy Perch

    I must admit to having heard mutterings of mirrors for a couple of weeks. ;)
  7. Ron

    Ron Perch

    very interesting!

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