javascript cookie not setting on Jodo but does on local server

Discussion in 'General Web Coding' started by rokkein, Nov 14, 2004.

  1. rokkein

    rokkein Guppy

    I have made a site for a client when employs a DHTML scroller and I use a javascript cookie to re-set the position each time a user goes to the page. For some reason the cookies are not being set when I browse on Jodhost.

    Cookies working:

    Cookies NOT working:

    You will see a numerical value in the upper left of the cookie when it is set. Is there some server setting which would prevent the cookies from working properly? I've even checked the privacy/security settings in IE to make sure there weren't different settings for local/internet zones.

  2. jpa7578

    jpa7578 Guppy

    I don't see your function call to plant the cookie. You have the setCookie declared but not called (if I am right).

    Also, have you checked the expiration of your cookie? Try setting it several years in advance (try 100 years lol).

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