Jodo Host still in business?


Seems pretty dead around here. I've been away for quite a while (haven't really used any of my domains for anything), so haven't noticed the decline in activity on the forums.

Today I decided to stand up a couple of new domains for new business lines my wife and I are opening and encountering some issues, so came here to see what's up only to find #crickets, literally. Practically completely dead forums

May be time to move on to another hosting provider I guess?
Of course we are still in business.

Forums everywhere are dying, it's really nothing new. We've also got them locked down pretty tight as 30-90 spam posts a day from bots were the only thing really active. The forums have been dying off for the last 6 years with real activity slowing. We're still around on tickets and live chat, as well as expanding consulting services and cloud management/migration offerings in another line of business.
The pain of staying with Jodohost has finally outweighed the pain of leaving. Your support teams are completely incompetent. A simple request to secure two new domains with SSL has me so frustrated that I'm moving on.

Good riddance. I'll shut down my service with you guys once I've transferred elsewhere. 10+ years down the shitter, but frankly, and in retrospect, the only reason I rarely made any changes once things were working was due to the ridiculousness of having to deal with your support teams. The absolute EPITOME of "painful". Sick of it.

That's not a good reason to stay with a company, and I'm finally tired enough of that frustration to move to another provider.

You were always a light at the end of that tunnel Stephen, but no more. I finally reached my limit.

Sadly I expect this topic to be deleted. So be it, but social media is a powerful thing. Fact.
Why would it be deleted? We have no reason to delete anything never worked that way, no reason to start now.

The hsphere system is outdated, SSL doesn't work flawlessly on it, as it generates older CSRs etc, so we typically do manual installs now, this depends highly on customer confirmation and sending items back and forth via ticket attachment. The Plesk servers work flawlessly, even allowing use of the completely free and secure Let's Encrypt systems.

It can be a headache to do SSL, as there's no SNI (so it requires dedicated IP), and the CSR generated is older formatting not accepted by default. Not all customers want to send this data back and forth, or some info/details required get missed, so it becomes even more of a hassle.
For most, the most simple way to add SSL, and HTTP2 is to drop cloudflare in front of the domain, but it doesn't work for all that's assured.
That's *really* your response?

Just confirmation that my decision to move on is 100% justified.

Wow. Sad really.

FYI, I lead a DevOps team whose primary responsibility is hosting for internal clients on our internal infra, so I have a pretty good insight into the how-to's, not-to's, why's, and why not's, and frankly your response is insulting at best. SSL isn't as complicated as you suggest.

Done. Moving on.
I'm not suggesting SSL is hard, I am saying it's not built in process that works right now with Hsphere, so it requires CSR, then sending of the PFX/bundle back, the installing. Never said it was complex, the communications to clients are more complex than the process. It can all be done in a matter of 8 min or less if the verify process goes speedily.
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Well I haven't reviewed the ticket nor do I know the ticket IDs, didn't get any helpline mail for any issue, so I can't answer that now. I see two certs ordered, but I don't see any ticket about them to check out details. send a mail on helpline at and I'll look into it
Actually did find the ticket, and their directions were correct, in the wizard it does provide the private key and and you just copy and paste it.

However the zip provided and the details weren't valid to proceed. The ticket was quite honestly just fine, but you gave up and did things a different way and did not provide the complete info for a working installation once that was done. To install a cert, you need both the certificate, and the key at a minimum. We always recommend customers keep the CSR, KEY and Cert safely stored as they can be reused, re-imported etc elsewhere. Then after you decided to not continue, the process happened promptly. I am really at a loss to see what we did wrong here. Yes, Dev added an extra word in his initial reply, but that's hardly a problem with the reply. Ticket

If there is another please let me know, send a mail whatever you wish, I'd like to see where things went wrong.

Note to add: This client was actually on Linux server where SSL process works properly completely, and without any intervention required, just Copy out of the text fields the CSR and Key, generate the cert at provider and paste it back in.
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