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Discussion in 'Pre-Sales' started by gsaunders, Aug 4, 2005.

  1. jonyah

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    this "new server" scares me with RC. Every time they try to do anything to the hardware, something goes down for 24 hours or more. I'm in the process of moving everything over here and have been very happy so far. I actually about 75% done now, though that last 25% will be the toughest (because of the customers I have to deal with). Hopefully by this weekend I'll be fully moved over and have my account cancelled with RC.

    The first year I was with RC was great, but the last year has been miserable. Their incompentancy this week has pushed me out forever.
  2. gsaunders

    gsaunders Perch

    I would rather not continue talking on the RC subject here at Jodo... RC's gotta deal with their problems as well as those of us that are sticking it out with some of our accounts... I don't wish ill will on anyone so I hope they get it together and become once again one of the top providers. Always good to have solid competition out there.

    On that note......

    I would like to wish all of the transferees starting fresh here the best of luck and I look forward to being a part of the new community with you!

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