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    Dear Customers,

    Please refer to our earlier email regarding email anti spam and security, for the last few months we have been testing various Mail Security options and systems. We have tested or reviewed quite a few of the market leaders specializing in this area, and now have decided on the best direction forward.

    What we have decided to offer is a win-win Mail Security Service for our customers and resellers. First you have a secure mail service that you expect from market leaders, secondly it does not cost a fortune as it would with many of the others.

    We are offering this service as domain bundles. If you can’t use all, offer to others and make money. This is one reason we have not branded the service domain and privacy protected it.

    Start using this service by signing up for the plan most suited to your needs - Enter all that domains that you need to provide Mail Security Service. If domains are hosted with us, we will change MX record and nothing else required on your part. If you do not use all the domains in your plan and need to add some later, please submit a ticket and we will make the needed MX record changes for you and get the new domains protected as well.
    After the MX record change is made, it will take about a week to fully see effectiveness of this service, as some spammers keep a long cache of DNS MX records. We are so confident in this new service that we are offering 50% off for your first month and 30-day money back guarantee.

    This is a limited time offer for 50% off, please refer to your email for the codes, or come on live chat and discuss with our staff where we will provide the code for our existing clients to utilize!

    JodoHost Customer Service

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