Migration of all servers to new Datacenter

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    The growing frequency of DDoS attacks across the net, the inability of our small private facility providers and fiber providers to mitigate it promptly and effectively on a large scale, caused us to look to outside providers to address it urgently. After extensive research and visits to numerous facilities, we made a decision to move to a Dallas Datacenter which has DDos protections and great infrastructure. We also took the major decision of buying new hardware for better performance and minimum downtime because of the move. The new hardware has allowed us to upgrade to SAS backends, with SSD options as needed. This will allow a more stable platform for the future while allowing the ‘legacy Hsphere platform’ to continue within a more modern backend hybrid cloud product.

    To achieve this we had to make some changes in our network to connect the Waco DC (current facility) and Dallas DC (new facility) in such a manner that the IP addresses from Waco worked at the new and old simultaneously. We have already been able to successfully move a large number servers till date with minimum to zero downtime, apart from a few server which had issues due to routing and those too were identified and fixed. Due to the large size of our infrastructure this is quite a task in itself and we do not deny that issues might have come or may not come till the move is completed, but having said that have all our staff on call and working hard to see that you our loyal, longtime clients face the minimum of issues. We also want you to know that there should be no outside IP change at all during the entire move and we are please to say till now we have been able to live up-to that. We are pleased to announce that 100+ servers are now working from Dallas DC. Remaining servers will be moved in next 2 weeks. We will have a couple of network maintenance windows upcoming that will be announced on our support forums at http://support.jodohost.com as well as our Facebook Page on www.facebook.com/JodoHost These maintenance windows will help to relieve some of the added latency that has been seen due to the tunnel between facilities and for DDoS protections. We shall be launching a new services as well once the move is completed, which will enable us to bring services that address the modern development and hosting needs while continuing to host the legacy platforms and clients.

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