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Discussion in 'Database Support' started by nvasol, May 11, 2009.

  1. nvasol

    nvasol Guppy


    Please, do you have any new information about the MSSQL 11 restart?

    I can't access yet!

  2. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    a few DBs had to checkpoint(this is a rather normal process) as they were showing some error, and all should be up for quite a while now. If you still can't access it would be best to send a ticket, I know we have sent an abuse notice to one client over 24 hours ago and that DB is down since then.
  3. nvasol

    nvasol Guppy

    Hi Stephen,

    Now it's working very well.

    Thank you!
  4. vita10

    vita10 Perch

    I i think have just bad luck first the hardware trouble on VPS Node now MSSQL...

    but i remember that in 2008 I had almost no issues at all, 2009 was stressful so for Jodo and Customers so far
  5. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    2009 has been very good in fact :)

    This is not hardware trouble, just adding capacity for backup storage so that it does thrash around and fill up the backup drives.
    This was scheduled as it was having some issues, it was posted days before it was done.
  6. vita10

    vita10 Perch

    And we are back again... Random time outs.
    I wonder what it isn't this time...
  7. kawaldeep

    kawaldeep Perch

    We have already sent notice to one client and monitoring server, if it abuse then we will take his DB offline immediately.
  8. vita10

    vita10 Perch

    if you did remove the abusing DB? Why am I still getting random "Time Out Exceptions"? I have the time outs and the logs to prove it!
  9. equanimity

    equanimity Perch

    I'm getting random timeouts too
  10. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    Have you reported when in ticket?
  11. vita10

    vita10 Perch

    I did JWVPS#BCP-AQhCJ-948
    And something was done (maybe) it was fine for about 20 hours now it is back again.
    I posted erlier its is gonna be back in 6 hours. I was wrong it took about 20. Maybe it is just me. Just put the db on the server and never query it!
    Can fix it or move me? I am really tired of that bull.

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