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Discussion in 'Chit-Chat' started by coldfusionman, Sep 21, 2004.

  1. So, can anyone tell me why I submit a ticket, in an hour I get a response that your tech support doesn't understand my dilema. I submit back 2 responses over the next 3 hours and now it's a day later and I still have received no response, nothing... This is it for me... at the end of my cycle, I will be on a more reliable host. between the downtine, the equipment issues, non response, etc, etc... It's too much for me to bear any more... Good luck and good riddance...


    P.S. - I do expect this to get deleted (just another of my peeves - things should not get deleted as when they do, the truth gets masked)
  2. Yash

    Yash Bass

    If you could PM me with your ticket ID, I can take a look
    There is a problem with the ticket system since we upgrade to Hspherew 2.4.1. ticket emails are not getting to customers and some tickets are not being registered

    We are going to be replacing the hsphere ticket system with our own over the next two weeks to streamline support. If you dont get a response to a ticket, you can always use Live Chat and you'd talk directly to a server administrator

    I dont know what downtime and equipment issues you are talking about and I am a little tired of hearing that same accusation from you. This month, the only issue we had with equipment was during hurricane frances and that affected us for about 50 minutes. Win6 has been rock solid stable this month with zero issues. Win5 had one issue this month (due to a website abusing the system) which was resolved as I made a post above. All other servers including our windows 2003 servers have been running at 100%. Our MSSQL servers have been running at 100% for the last several months

    Every issue that happens on our servers is explained in the outages section. I request you provide any relevant information of any issue you feel was left unexplained
  3. Yash

    Yash Bass

    threads only get deleted here if
    1) They are repeat threads on the same issue
    2) What you complained about was a confirmed issue. In that case I issue a summary in the outages section. And I have not been deleting any threads on this criteria anyway

    I get quite a few emails everyday from happy customers extremely happy with our support, service, uptime and network speeds. If you feel our services are below your standards, you are free to choose another host

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