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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by JiltedCitizen, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. I had thought the support of Jodohost was great. It still is. Except the procedures and lack of communication around renewing are something to be desired. I have my account setup to automatically renew my year of hosting. I've been here a few years, I can't remember when this is. There is no email saying that a renewal is due or coming. My credit card did not go through, I go no email saying that there was a problem with billing. Instead my account is just locked out. I pay and it remains locked out for hours. I was not happy. I sent in a trouble ticket and it gets deleted, I send an email and its ignored and no response. There really needs to be better communication around billing.
  2. Stephen

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    The emails are sent out to the address on your billing profile, when you get back in please check this.

    Regarding the tickets, we don't delete them unless they are resolved(actually even then they are not deleted, there is no option to delete a ticket), but for your matter you need to email billing @ jodohost.com, also you can come to live chat and get some help.
    We always recommend using a third party email for the billing profile as well, such as an ISP or hotmail, etc, as it will ensure you get the mail even if you account does get suspended and you can not access the CP.
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    Your site seems to be reactivated now..
    Did you email [email protected]? Did you try using LiveChat after account suspension? How did you try contacting us?

    Also, renewal notifications are sent to your billing contact address and not your normal contact address in your account. You might want to update your billing contact address in your control panel

    At least 3 o 4 reminder emails are sent before account suspension.

    You have been a long-time customer and I apologise for this suspension. b
  4. I did emailed sales apparently, with billing in the subject. The billing email is not on your contact us page.

    I have my account under a yahoo email address. I get all the announcements from jodohost. I looked in my bulk email folder and saw jodohost emails. Apparently some get flagged as spam and some don't. So I did get them I just didn't think to look in the spam folder since I get other jodohost email. The mass sent ones ironically. So it was Yahoo's fault for me not getting emails, or for some reason blocking some of your emails. I do like Jodohost and appologize.

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