Paying taxes from abroad, an LLC.

Discussion in 'Starting and running a WebHosting Business' started by fischermx, Mar 15, 2007.

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    (Already asked to an accountant, he's researching).

    Say you are from another country. Mexico in my case. You setup an Inc or an LLC in some state. In my case an LLC in Texas. I got an EIN for the company.
    All my income was made being here, not in the USA.
    The nice guys in the TX department already told me I should not pay Texas state taxes (they don't have I think), but a Franchise tax which is very small percentage and I'm not even the the initial bracket, so I don't pay. I have to, however, present some forms even if I don't pay.
    But what about Federal Taxes!?
    Do I still have to send some forms, even if blank?
    Could you share an opinion in your experience?
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    If you're registered as an LLC in the US the Fed tax guys are going to want to hear from you every year, even if you just send them a blank form and a postcard.

    The key for bureaucrats is that you *file* your taxes, not necessarily pay them -- they just want the nice, shiny form to document that they're doing what they call "work" by making you do your part...

    If your US tax-related activities are really zero (or at least really simple) you should be able to get a decent accountant to do the necessary filing work for you for cheap -- especially if you can let him do it in the off-season (though it's very much the hot season for US taxes right now).
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    Thanks for your comment.

    Yes, my US-related activity income is really zero. I don't owe anything in the USA, I don't perform my activities physically on the USA. I did this setup just in case I would do it, but frankly, the business is not going as I wished, so I kept in Mexico doing everything.

    The problem is that there are not really to much accountants that can help and know how to handle this situation. When I was filling the LLC I started to contact accountants in the southern cities of Texas and I could have a long talk with two different.
    Both told me I didn't have to do anything in the USA, just the Texas Franchise Tax. So, I got an accountant here in my city which knew a little bit about that, but it was really just a little bit and we're know again seeking advise from accountants who works near the US-MX border who might know about these issues.

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